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Amanda & Scott’s Feature Film Segment

posted by James Player
June 24, 2008 @ 10:19 pm
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We have been tirelessly working on Scott & Amanda’s wedding movie edit for around a month now, and its only a few hours away from being completed.  Even though its been one of our longer edits we are also sad to be delivering it.

Scott and Amanda chose to have extended coverage by us which included the rehersal dinner and almost the full wedding day.  The edit was extremely involved and pushed our creativity to new limits.  One of the very unique things was that we had over 40 minutes worth of toast audio from the rehearsal dinner.  We took all of these toasts and blended them in a way so that they made maximum impact in the given segment of the movie that they played in.

At the rehearsal dinner Scott gave a toast toward the end of the night sharing his gratitude to everyone that came and exclaming his joy of becoming a part of Amanda’s family.  As I storyboarded the movie and was listening to everyone’s toast, I immediately knew that Scott’s toast belonged right before Amanda’s grand entrance at the church. 

Below is a short segment of pulled out of their wedding movie that showcases our careful attention to detail in music and visuals and also our very unique style of blending various events to make the most emotional wedding movie possible. (This segment is centered around Amanda’s grand entrance that I mentioned above)

Sorry for the abrupt beginning and ending of this segment from their movie!!  I tried my best to include as much as I could but because of upload restrictions I was limited to what you see.

Feel free to browse our blog to see the introduction segment of Scott and Amanda’s movie

Their complete movie from beginning to end came to be one hour and twenty six minutes.  We also have had many questions about the introduction piece of their movie that we recently posted and one of the main ones has been “is this really a part of their wedding movie or just a small highlight piece??”  Yes it is their movie and the entire production has the same feel of excitement and emotion, we provide the highest quality possible for the complete wedding movie.  Although it is fairly standard in our industry to provide a high quality and polished three – five minute piece Marianna and I pride ourselves in providing a complete production that will leave you in tears time and time again.

2 Responses to “Amanda & Scott’s Feature Film Segment”

  1. Becki says:

    That video is so beautiful! You never cease to amaze not only with your editing abilities but also how beautifully and thoroughly you film. The sound quality was great, too!

  2. Wow guys! That one is soooo great. I thought my videos were getting better and better but, you guys just keep raising the bar for the rest of us. VERY IMPRESSED!!! Keep up the good work. I’m so jealous! Talk to you soon.

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