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Amanda & Scott’s Feature Film Intro

posted by James Player
June 7, 2008 @ 12:47 pm
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Here is the first thirteen minutes of Scott and Amanda’s wedding movie.
At their rehearsal dinner they had many, many wonderful toasts that we were so glad that we had the opportunity to preserve for them. With all of those toasts, we aimed to include them in their movie in a non-traditional fashion- just like we do all rehearsal dinner toasts (and everything else for that matter).  So, we are blending all of the toasts throughout the entire movie and fitting individual toasts with visuals that make the toast have even more impact and keep the story flowing well.
This is a just a teaser of what we have done for Scott and Amanda. Some of the more emotional toasts and segments of the movie are actually later on in their movie. We are still working on their edit and may post some more clips before its all said and done.

WARNING!! This clip cuts off very abruptly in the middle of someones toast. This was the longest run time that we could have without severely compromising the quality of this posted portion.

Hope you enjoy.

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