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Patrick & Fallon Hogan’s Trailer

posted by James Player
July 27, 2008 @ 8:29 am
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Patrick Hogan and Fallon Koon’s spectacular wedding was held on 07.19.08 at Riverland Hills Baptist Church.  The reception followed at Spring Valley Country Club where Terry Lee and the GTs with EastCoast Entertainment kept the music and party going until 11:30.

The directing and design work was provided by Craig Houston and his team of talented designers with White Tent Event and they did a phenomenal job at making everything as perfect as it could possibly be.  Even though Riverland Hills Baptist Church is very large it was transformed into a paradise of flowers and candles and had a much more intimate feel.  The careful attention to design and details at the reception was also no easy feat.  We had never seen Spring Valley Country Club look so nice.  Many elements such as ceiling lighting that drifted around, pin lighting in the flowers, on the cake, and on other details, floating candles, etc. turned the place into something that I never dreamed possible. 

Photography for the event was provided by Ralph Johnson Photographics, and we enjoyed working alongside Ralph and his assistant all day.

Below is their wedding trailer that showcases the tip of the iceberg of what we captured that day.
Congratulations Patrick and Fallon!!!

6 Responses to “Patrick & Fallon Hogan’s Trailer”

  1. John & Rosa Caudle says:

    Patrick’s and Fallon’s video is just exquisite! Has there ever been a more beautiful bride than Fallon? I think not!
    Our congratulations to you both for having found each other and our heartfelt wishes for your marriage to thrive, just as God has blessed it to do.

    John & Rosa

  2. Kelly Croughwell says:

    I love how they captured the magic, emotion, and FUN of your special day. I had chillbumps all over. Thank you so very much for inviting us. It was a beautiful day.

  3. Pam and Kenny Green says:

    Best Wishes to Patrick & Fallon & The Hogan Family. We are in awe after watching this video. It has got to be the sweetest emotions caught on camera. May God bless this Marriage. Love,
    Kenny, Pam, Kyle & Tyler Green
    Thanks so much for inviting Zane and Kelly to be apart of this wonderful day.

  4. Laura Ganzer says:

    Love it!!! it was such an amazing wedding and you two look so beautiful together.
    I am so thankful for having been able to join that very special moment. Wish you
    both just all the best!
    Love and Kisses from Germany

  5. Brian Payne says:

    Patrick and Fallon Congratulations! That video is amazing I felt as If I was watching a realtiy marriage show preview. The quality is amazing and the footage they captured is second to none. I wish the both of you the very best, again congrats!

    Brian Payne

  6. Heather McCtucheon Gregoire says:

    Congrats to both of you!!! Your video, pictures, and love for each other look amazing. Who knew that you two would end up where you are to day. I guess God is the only one who can truely know how our lives will go and end. I wish you both all the joy and happiness for the rest of your lives!!! I hope to see more to come!

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