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Amy & Brent’s Trailer

posted by James Player
August 8, 2008 @ 9:05 am
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Amy and Brent were married on 07.26.08 at the River Center at Saluda Shoals park in Columbia ,SC.

The cereomony was held next to the gazebo ouside, where The Jackson Sisters String Quartet provided some awesome instrumentals for all of the guests.

The reception was at the River Center also where The Men of Distinction played until Amy and Brent departed at 7:00pm.

We were extatic to work alongside our good friends Clark and Becki of Clark Berry Photography and we. Stay tuned to Clarks Blog for some wedding day preview images. Speaking of wedding day photos, we are extremely excited about integrating the photos Clark and Becki captured along with the video captured from Amy and Brent’s love story session, Bridal photo session, and wedding day coverage into a extremely unique wedding video.

We also did a very thorough interview before the wedding day where Amy and Brent got to talk about how they met and grew to love each, and things that they are looking forward to. This footage will also be blended into their final wedding movie.

Below is the trailer we made for Amy and Brent


9 Responses to “Amy & Brent’s Trailer”

  1. donna mobley says:

    I have watched this over and over and it’s more amazing every time! I am so glad that God put you together! He truly blessed this day and will continue to bless you through all your years together!
    As a Mom what else can you ask for your children?
    I love you both!

  2. Brent and I are so blessed to have had Jamie and Marianna to work with! They are so sweet and really captured who we are in the video and they have an amazing passion for their work…we can’t wait til’ the real thing!

  3. Barry Raines says:

    There is no doubt that this union is part of God’s great plan. You two are perfect for each other. Marriage is a wonderful gift from The Man! Treat everyday as if it were your first and last together. Y’all are two wonderful people that deserve the best. This video captures it well.

  4. DenisVID says:

    Hello! Realy good job! A see realy true color on you clips then you shooting on Canon A1. A tried make my own preset. But …. cant make color like you made. Can you help me with this ? Thanks

  5. jplayer says:

    –In Response to DenisVid’s Comment—
    Hey DenisVid,
    Thanks for the comments. We actully shoot primarily with Sony Cameras and use one Cannon A1 for specialtye shots. 90% of the clips you see in our videos though are from Sony Cameras.
    We generally shoot with very washed/neutral color settings and then boost all parameters during the editing process to really make the subjects or items of iterest in the shots stand out.
    Adjusting in post is the only way we have found to get good clean uniform settings. Even when shooting with a fleet of similar cameras we have found that there are difference with each unit so adjusting in the edit is the way to go.
    If you have any other questions please feel free to email me via our contact form on our website!!

    James Player

  6. DenisVID says:

    Thanks for answer! What camcoder you use ? And what color corect plug-in you use ?

  7. meg says:

    hey, that video is fantastic!

  8. sherry faile says:

    this was so sweet..amy u were a beautiful bride & brent was pretty handsome…i know your mom & dad are very proud!!!

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