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Clark Berry Photography Promo Video

posted by James Player
September 3, 2008 @ 7:19 am
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If you’ve been around our blog anytime recently it will come as no surprise that we work with SC Wedding photographers Clark and Becki from Clark Berry Photography a good bit.  

In July of 2007 we all met at a wedding.  It was immediately apparent that the way we work together was not typical of most photographers and videographers.   Not only did we enjoy the experience but we actually fed off of each other’s creativity.

After that wedding we met up with them and discussed some possible ways of working together more and possibly even integrating our services with one another.  

This year we have worked together at many weddings (with still more to come), and enjoy the opportunity of creating incredible visuals and stories with both photography and video.

Beyond work we have also become great friends with them.  Even though we worked together well that first time we met I can honestly say that we work together even better now and even plan creative ideas for jobs we are working together on way before the actual shoot.

Here is a promotional clip that we created for Clark and Becki out of a few of the shoots we have been together on.  We also have another video in the works that will present more wedding day material.

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  1. Callie Fields says:

    Looks like y’all had a good time doing that. I know…y’all always have a good time when you work together!

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