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Hope & Tripp’s Feature Film Segment

posted by James Player
September 15, 2008 @ 9:02 am
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Here is another wedding movie segment!!¬† ūüôā

This particular segment shows a few various techniques that we incorporate into our wedding movies.
The first is ceremony blending.  Let face it.. Most of the time wedding ceremony messages by the preacher are not the most entertaining things in the world. Being in the postion that we are (listening over and over to many messages) we have noticed that many of them carry a powerful meaning but it is often lost because of length or other distractions.  In our editing we always try to maximize the meaning and emotional value of EVERY segment of your wedding day.

One way that we do this is¬†ceremony message and prayer blending.¬† We have found that if careful attention is given to each prayer and segment of the message by the preacher that often you can enhance the impact of the entire message.¬† While storyboarding (planning the assembly)¬†for Hope and Tripp’s wedding movie I imediately identified two sections of the message that I felt would create a stellar ending to the movie,¬†so I sectioned those off and saved them for the end.¬† As you watch this piece you can immediately see how the blending of music, spoken word and visuals creates a very emotional piece.¬† On the flipside, if we had shown these segments exactly how they happened it would not have been as interesting or impactful because these portions would have been lost in the middle of a 35 minute long wedding ceremony.

By blending these segements of¬†each video we do,¬†not only does it make those portions of the message stand out but it also allows us to trim the actual ceremony portion of the video down to something that maintains maximum emotional interest.¬† For instance, in documentary (as it happened) form,¬† Hope and Tripp’s wedding ceremony alone would have been 35 minutes.¬† With the various blending techniques we used we trimmed the ceremony portion to 6 minutes (Processional,¬†brides entrance, a short message, vows, ring exchange and¬†the kiss).¬† However, the entire 35 minute ceremony is still contained over the entire length of the video.

If you have any questions about our editing style in general or for this video in particular feel free to leave a reply by clicking the link below the video, OR, you can also send us an email by using our contact us form.

Posted by Columbia Wedding Videographer James Player 

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