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Staci & Frank’s Feature Film Segment

posted by James Player
September 29, 2008 @ 7:22 am
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Staci and Frank were married atThe Cathedral of St. John the Baptist catholic church in Charleston, SC. The exterior and interior of the church are second to none and we enjoyed every second we got to film there.

Staci and Frank’s reception followed at the Francis Marion in downtown Charleston where one of our favorite bands, The Mighty Kicks, kept the party going into the evening.

The clip below is Staci and Frank’s wedding movie opener all they way through the vows at the ceremony. Staci and Frank chose to have their coverage time start at the beginning of the ceremony with no preperations filming. In this piece you can see how we still unraveled the story in a natural and unique way even though we were missing that important preperations piece of the story.

In our last post, Hope and Tripp’s wedding video ending segment, we showed our unique way of blending parts of the ceremony over the entire video in order to maximize interest and maintain the emotional value of each segment of the wedding day. In this segment you can see some more of our signature style blending techniques.

If you have any questoins about the below wedding video segment or about our editing style in general please send us an email via our contact form or feel free to leave a comment on this post.

Thanks to Nathan and Mell Bell of Richard Bell Photography for providing us with the above thumbnail picture and also for allowing us to use their photos for the Staci and Frank’s Case and Disc Artwork.


I also had Marianna cut a documentary version of the priest message.   The below clip is a straight documentary cut between all of the available cameras that we had at the wedding.  This clip is right at 7 minutes long and if you watch it you will immediately see that the priest point is all but lost because of the length of the message and overemphasis of some points. 

As you compare it to the version above (which his message was condensed to 2.5 minutes)  you will find that you dont miss anything but with the careful editing of the sermon his message is actually enhanced and more emotional.

Please realize that THE BELOW CLIP IS NOT OUR NORMAL STYLE.  This clip is provided for cross referencing with the clip above to showcase the drastic difference in what we do with our wedding videos.

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One Response to “Staci & Frank’s Feature Film Segment”

  1. Mell Bell says:

    James & Marianna were so great to work with & I love the preview of Staci & Frank’s video. Definitely want to tag team with you again!

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