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Katrina & Brian’s Trailer

posted by James Player
October 7, 2008 @ 6:53 pm
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Katrina Jebaily and Brian Yost were married on 08.16.08 at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Florence, South Carolina.

Their wedding reception was at the Florence Civic Center where Big Daddy and the Heavyweights kept the place rocking until their departure.

Florence wedding photographer Fred Salley provided wedding photography services for Katrina and Brian and we really enjoyed working with them throughout the day!


Brian and Katrina chose to have a post wedding inteview which gave them the opportunity to share in depth feelings about their special day. In the preview you will see that we used some of this audio and video to enhance their trailer and this footage will also be used to greatly enhance their wedding day movie.

Since they chose this option we spoke with them about holding off until after the interview before producing their trailer and this is the reason it is slightly delayed beyond our normal schedule.

If you would be interested in enhancing your movie with a post wedding interview session please call us so we can give you more details and the pricing on this awesome option.

Posted by Florence Wedding Videographer James Player

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  1. Katrina Jebaily-Yost says:


    It looks so good! I cant wait to see the whole thing!!!

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