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Elizabeth & Donald’s Feature Film

posted by James Player
November 26, 2008 @ 7:57 am
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We recently received a request from a bride to see a “normal wedding video”. We were not quite sure what she meant so she explained that she understood everything didn’t go perfectly at every wedding and she would like to see a video that is just a normal product from us and not something that showcases the best of the best of what we have produced under ideal circumstances.

If you are a follower of our blog you know that we post video clips quite frequently.  In fact we post clips from just about every project we work on and hope that it shows our consistency in providing the highest quality of wedding videos no matter the place or circumstances.  When we received her request we immediately understood the validity of it as there are many wedding video sites that shows their best of clips on the site but when you actually receive your full product from that company it will not be a representation of what you saw in their “demo clip”.

With that, we introduce the first COMPLETE  WEDDING VIDEO ever posted to our wedding video blog.  When we received the bride’s request mentioned above, we were in the middle of editing this particular video and I couldn’t help but feel that this wedding fit the bill perfectly for what she was asking. Let me explain why. 

We found out early on that the church in this video had some strict regulations but were relieved to find that the church coordinator allowed us a small amount of leeway that we initially thought we may not have.  Even with this leeway we still had prohibitive restrictions placed on us. No shooting from the ground level or altar/choir loft and any of the processional shots had to be from the very cramped foyer area.  With these restrictions in mind, Marianna and I came up with a camera placement and shooting plan and pulled it off with the utmost precision.

Because of these restrictions, it did prevent us from doing some things that we normally would like to do from an artistic standpoint.  However, even with the abscence of some of our “Best Of” shots you will still see that the quality of our work and beauty of the wedding shines brightly in the video.

In addition to their MAIN WEDDING MOVIE which is featured below, on the actual DVD they also received some documentary style clips of their ceremony showcasing the original music and reactions, a 10 minute montage of dancing and the band from the reception, and some clips of well wishes from their family and friends.

Below is some additional info about this wedding:
The Couple – Elizabeth Skarupa and Donald Wynn
Ceremony Location  Central United Methodist Church
Reception Location – Florence Country Club
Wedding Planner – Melanie Murphy – By Invitation Only
       You can see Melanie’s Blog post about this wedding by CLICKING HERE.

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