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All Dressed Up Photography Promotional Video

posted by James Player
December 8, 2008 @ 9:13 am
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We always keep our wedding video blog clear of any work we do for corporations such as promotion videos, product spots, training videos, etc, but this promotional video fits perfectly with our blog and may be of interest to many of our viewers so we figured we would post it.

We have always enjoyed the opportunity of working alongside Brantley and Richard Freeman with All Dressed Up Photography at various weddings we have worked together on. They recently approached us with an idea that was new to them but very familiar to us. That idea was a promo video to showcase their personalities, work, and work ethic to brides and grooms interested in their services.

With the internet being such a prevalent tool for many brides and grooms as they search for their wedding vendors, they felt that it was important for anyone visiting their website to not only see their work but also to have a instant feeling for what it would be like to have them as your photographer.

After a few hours of filming with Brantley and Richard and a good deal of time editing through all of the footage I am happy to show their promotional video.

Even though its not one of our wedding videos it still shows our dedication to high quality work and also shows a more upbeat style that we are capable of so we know that you will agree that it belongs here on our wedding video blog.

You can see more of Brantley and Richard’s work by visiting the All Dressed Up Photography Website.

You can also view their promo video on this webpage that we created for them.

2 Responses to “All Dressed Up Photography Promotional Video”

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  2. Bill Nixon says:

    Fantastic video!! Looking forward to seeing you two soon!

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