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Fallon & Patrick’s Feature Film

posted by James Player
January 14, 2009 @ 8:59 am
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You may remember Patrick and Fallon’s wedding trailer which was posted on our wedding video blog a few months back.  Well, their movie is completed and we wanted to share not only a portion of it like we normally do, but the whole thing. We had a few computer issues that delayed the posting of their video a couple of days, but we got those resolved and here it is!!

This video showcases some more complex ways that we mix various wedding day, and even non wedding day segments into our productions to maximize the emotional impact of all events so we knew that it would be a good one to share in its full form.

Patrick and Fallon had us cover the rehearsal dinner to capture just the toasts in a documetary “as it happened” fashion.  As we reviewed all of the content we had captured and started coming up with a storyboard for the movie I couldn’t help but thinking about a toast that Fallon’s brother made at the rehearsal dinner and eventually I decided to work his toast into the wedding story even though we were not necessarily suppossed to… We also snuck in a portion that was quite entertaining and moving from Patrick’s “toast” at the rehearsal dinner.

As you watch you will immediately see how this blending of additional content added to the movie and enhanced certain sections to make them much more emotional than if the blending and careful attention to detail was not done.

While this is Patrick and Fallon’s main wedding movie this is not the only content they recieved.  In addition to this movie they also received:

  1. many segments of general (fun) dancing that took place at the reception (about 10 minutes total)
  2. many segments of well wishes from family and friends
  3. rehearsal dinner toasts just as they happened
  4. The Bride’s entrance just as it happened along with other important ceremony highlights such as the ring exchange and all songs that were sung immediately prior to and during the ceremony itself.

 We hope you enjoy the movie and if you have any further questions please feel free to use our contact form to get in touch with us.

With all of our content being shared online one thing that goes unnoticed quite frequently are the DVD menus that we custom create for everyone.  As I mentioned before, Patrick and Fallon are receiving two discs for all of their content and between those two disc there are 6 customized DVD menus. Here is one of the menus that we created for them.

 Patrick and Fallon Hogan's Main Menu Image
Click the image to open a larger version in a pop up window



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  1. Shajuana Tindal says:

    I really do love the way yall did the video of their wedding. It had me crying. I would love to have my wedding video like that also. I just might use yall for mine.

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