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Katrina & Brian’s Feature Film Segment

posted by James Player
February 23, 2009 @ 8:59 am
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I (James) have been actively working on Katrina and Brian’s wedding movie. It’s been a ton of fun but a great deal of work also.

Katrina and Brian chose to do an option that we offer called the Post Wedding Interview. Just as it sounds, this option gives the couple a chance to sit down with us after the wedding and discuss their special day in depth while in a relaxed environment.

After the “interview” is over we take all of the footage from the wedding day and the interview and combine it together into something that is 100% unique and by doing this it literally allows the couple to “tell their day” on screen.

While this option may certainly not be for everyone, if it is something you could see yourself doing we would highly recommend it, as it adds a completely different dimension to your wedding film.

We offer a Post wedding interview and also a pre-wedding interview as optional enhancement to all of our wedding film packages.

We hope you enjoy this segment from Brian and Katrina’s movie and know that it will show first hand just how much of an impact an interview like this can make on your movie.

BTW.. With the interview footage and all of the footage from the wedding day we have about 16 hours worth of content!! WHEEEHHHHH talk about a lot to go through!!

4 Responses to “Katrina & Brian’s Feature Film Segment”

  1. Christina says:

    This is such an amazing video…it captures the emotions of the wedding day. I don’t even know the couple but i cried. 🙂 Wonderful work!!

  2. Ryan Koral says:

    WOW. I just watched the ending segment from this movie on vimeo… it is outstanding… very touching.. a treasure for this couple and their family… well done!

  3. Blake Moore says:

    WoW!! this is absolutely fantastic! how many and what kind of cameras were to shoot this. The quality is amazing and you really caught the emotions of the whole thing. Very impressed!

  4. James Player says:

    Thanks for the compliments.. This was shot with a single camera during prep and pretty much three camers the remainder of the time (two operators – my wife and I).
    We shoot with FX1’s and have since added a FX1000 to our camera lineup since this shoot. We do a great deal of color grading and matching in post.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to email or call.
    James Player

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