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Brittany & Thomas’s Trailer

posted by James Player
October 22, 2009 @ 10:28 am
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I am sure that many people who visit our blog do not know this, but Marianna and I were married very young (19 years old!!). Since then, we have attended many weddings and we always make observations at each wedding we attend. One observation that has been fairly consistent (even when considering our very own wedding) is that in general, older couples are much more sentimental and fully aware of the importance of what is going on during a wedding.

Brittany and Thomas certainly fell into the young category but their wisdom about the importance of what was happening was certainly beyond their years.

Our interactions with Brittany and Thomas started last November through emails and phone calls and we only met them a few weeks before the wedding. We met up at the Fatz Cafe in Lexington, SC and had a great time just sitting and talking for a few hours. When we walked away, Marianna and I were blown away by their strong rooted and genuine love for each other.

When the wedding day came, we started talking to their friends and family and it was mind boggling to see and hear the number of people that expressed the same feelings that we had quickly noticed in our meeting a few weeks prior. From abundant reception toasts, talking with the family members, and even friends of theirs coming up and telling us how perfect they are for each other and what great people they are, everyone shared the same basic sentiment “THEY GOT IT”.

As I started putting their preview video together I knew that I wanted to show this and dove head first into their footage looking for things that I could use to accomplish my goal but immediately ran into a huge issue… There was so much content that matched what I needed, I honestly did not even know where to begin. I poked around some more and finally decided to go ahead and make the trailer longer and more complete than a typical preview video technically should be. Even though technically longer this length was needed to even begin to show the real theme of Brittany and Thomas’ wedding day… THEM.

Congratulations Brittany and Thomas!!!

We had a great time working alongside Brittany and Thomas’ wedding photographers Logan Jarrard and Tiger (Logan’s assistant). You can see their work by visiting his website. Make sure to stay tuned to Logan’s blog also as I am sure some images from Brittany and Thomas’ wedding will be posted very soon.

Ceremony Location – Fountain of Life Lutheran Church, Kernersville, NC
Reception Location – Hawthorne Inn, Winston-Salem, NC

6 Responses to “Brittany & Thomas’s Trailer”

  1. […] I don’t think words could describe what a fun wedding this was and how wonderful Thomas and Brittany are. It’s the weddings like this with people like this that make me love being a wedding photographer. I also had the privilege to work along side uber talented artists James and Marianna Player of Player Wedding Films. You have to check out Thomas and Brittany’s wedding trailer here. […]

  2. You did such an amazing job capturing the beauty of this day and the couple. You were awesome to work along side of and I could tell that Thomas and Brittany really enjoyed working with you as well. Watching you work gave me a great appreciation for the art you are able to create. From the way you work with the couple to the creative eye you have to turn an ordinary scene into a beautiful detail. You guys are so talented!

  3. Brittany King says:

    Words cant express how happy Thomas and I are with our preview. You and Marianna are so incredibly talented. Thank you for your sweet message as well. We feel so blessed to have had you guys there with us on our special day. The moments you were able to capture are priceless. If this is just the preview, we can only imagine what the final product will be. 🙂 We love you guys and thanks again for everything!

  4. Ginger Howland says:

    Thank you so very much! Words can’t express how overjoyed I am that Brittany and Thomas chose you to create their wedding video! I have never seen anything like this before – how incredible to be able to view this over and over as the years go by as a reminder of what love is all about….and to strenghten their commitment to each other each time it is viewed. Brittany and Thomas were actively involved in each and every detail of their ceremony and reception and this will be a forever momento that details all the “magic” they created for their special day. It will be my pleasure to “show off” this video to anyone and everyone I can! You do amazing work and with such genuine concern for the couples and families. Thank you ever so much!

  5. Tracy White says:

    Wow, this was incredible! As a mother of two young babies and with all the activities going on, I couldn’t catch everything happening. This video really made me feel like I was up close and personal and got to see and feel the beauty of all these incredible moments! Thanks!

  6. AMAZING! This video preview was absolutly wonderful! I cried like a baby the whole time 🙂 Brittany and Thomas yall are beautiful people and I wish you guys the best! Congratulations and enjoy the rest of your life together! This video is a great way to look back on your moment!

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