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Carina & Jeff’s Trailer

posted by James Player
October 14, 2009 @ 9:55 am
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Creating the stories that we do with our wedding movies is no easy task and when we are finished filming the wedding day, our job has literally just begun. Because of the gargantuan amount of work in the edit, we have accumulated a backlog and as an attempt to efficiently work through that backlog we have been turning down a good bit of work for the remainder of this year and some for next year also. When Carina initially contacted us about her wedding, although very enthusiastic about our work, her request fell into this category and we referred her to some colleagues of ours.

A few weeks passed after her initial contact and Carina contacted us again. This time she again expressed her desire to have our quality/style of work and asked for us to please let her know if anything changes that would allow us to be able to film her wedding.

Carina’s enthusiasm wore off on us, and after talking, Marianna and I worked it out to film her and Jeff’s wedding.

Fast forward a few months to the wedding day.

Marianna and I are really excited to meet Carina and Jeff. We load up the car and head off towards York early enough to arrive a few hours early just like we always do (BTW York is close to Charlotte, NC and is about an hour and a half from our house) . About 15 miles into our trip I go to pass a slower truck and halfway around the truck I look in the rear view mirror to see smoke billowing out from our car. NOT GOOD!!

I immediately shut the engine down, pull over to investigate, and as soon as I get out the car, I notice there was oil all over the sides, back, and every other body panel of the car. I pop the hood to check things out and oil is also everywhere under the hood . I check the dipstick and find that there is NO oil in the motor, OH THIS IS REALLY NOT GOOD. Although having an hour or two buffer we still wanted to get on the road again as quickly as possible so this forced me into work/think quick mode.

I call our neighbor; luckily she is home and able to come pick us up and take us home where we jumped in our other car and we’re back on the road again.

We went back to our car, transferred all of our equipment, and were again on our way to the church. I drove as fast as I could without getting in a ton of trouble and Marianna was working on the phone to make arrangements for a tow truck to pick up our other car, and we finally arrived literally five minutes before our contracted start time. We went in and met Carina and Jeff and the rest of the day was great!!

Carina and Jeff were just as fun and enthusiastic as we had envisioned and we could tell that they poured many personal items into the wedding, and it is always cool to see things like that.

We also really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Carina’s wedding day photographer, Caroline Ghettes.  She and her husband, Alin were awesome and so down to earth but on the flip side they do great work. Please make sure to check some of Carina and Jeff’s wedding day photographs that Caroline took at the wedding. Caroline also has a letter posted that Carina sent her about her and Jeff’s love story, so make sure to read that as it’s really cool.

Congratulations Carina & Jeff,
James and Marianna

We had taken it to get the oil changed 2 days before and had not driven it much. The place that changed the oil had not screwed the oil filter on properly and when it loosened up it sprayed all of the oil out of the motor. Luckily with my quick reaction of cutting the car off and pulling over it saved the motor and the car is fine.
I had honestly given up on changing my own oil a while back but after this experience I think its something that I will be doing from now on!! LOL

3 Responses to “Carina & Jeff’s Trailer”

  1. OMG are you kidding me??? I am a wreck right now. Pretty much cried throughout the whole thing. Thank you guys so much for doing this for Jeff & Carina. It means the whole wide world to them, I am sure of it. Your talent is unmistakable and you are using your God-given talents to create these amazing life-long lasting gifts that your brides & grooms will treasure for their entire lives. God bless you guys and thank you for sharing this. It is unbelievable!

  2. Jeff & Carina says:

    You guys did such an amazing job. We are so thankful that you were able to squeeze us into your busy schedules. We could not be more pleased and we cannot wait to see the whole thing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

  3. Melissa Hargett says:

    Absolutely beautiful! God Bless your marriage!

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