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Lauren & Scott’s Feature Film Segment

posted by James Player
January 14, 2010 @ 10:19 am
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This is a 22 minute segment from the Lauren and Scott’s movie.

If you’re a frequent visitor, you know that we are constantly looking for creative ways to blend moments form the coverage we have on the wedding day. Doing this allows us to maximize the emotional pull of each moment in everyone’s wedding movie.

As we were filming on the wedding day with Lauren and Scott, it was immediately evident that Lauren and her Dad had a special bond. As we began editing their movie and developing the storyline we started cross comparing the Father Daughter Dance song “I Loved Her First” and the toast that Lauren’s dad gave at the reception. After realizing extreme similarities we decided to blend those two moments together. Not until we actually had it edited down did we realize the full impact that this blending actually had. The music volume diminishes as Lauren’s dad’s toast starts, but if you carefully listen to the words in the song, and the words that her dad is saying, it will give you chills to see and hear how close they match up.

You can also see their wedding video trailer that we created for them shortly after the wedding by CLICKING HERE.

Congratulations again Lauren and Scott!!!

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