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Lindsey & Jason’s Feature Film Segment

posted by James Player
January 20, 2010 @ 7:10 pm
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From what we have seen, each wedding always seems to have at least one thing that goes wrong. Weather it is a tux that doesn’t fit someone, a dress needs some hemming, or a floral arrangement didn’t show at the church; there is always that one thing. On my and Marianna’s wedding day, the problem we had was pretty major.  We did not have our marriage licence due to me losing my wallet a few days prior to trying to obtain the license. Lindsey and Jason had a “problem” on their wedding day that I would also consider pretty major as it dealt with their rings. But despite having a major issue to deal with and think about they pushed through and had a very lighthearted attitude about the whole situation and it was an awesome day.

I’m not going to give away any spoilers as to what the issue was, but make sure to watch their wedding movie segment and you will find out exactly what happened!! 😉

You may also want to watch their wedding trailer / preview video we produced for them shortly after the wedding. CLICK HERE FOR THE TRAILER.

Congratulations again Lindsey and Jason.

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  1. angela davis says:

    Really really cool.Wishing happy marriage to Lindsey and Jason.


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