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Lauren & Jason’s Feature Film Segment

posted by James Player
February 17, 2010 @ 3:12 pm
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This is the first 30 minutes of Lauren and Jason’s feature film.

Lauren and Jason chose to do a post wedding interview where we sit down with them for an hour or so and just talk about the day and their feelings.

I always enjoy editing these as it really does add a completely different dimension and level of emotion to the video.

I also want to send out a personal thank you to Brantley and Richard with All Dressed Up Photography who allowed us the use of their studio for the interview. Speaking of Brantley and Richard, you can also see Lauren and Jason in the promo video that we did for All Dressed Up Photography a little over a year ago now. CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE PROMO VIDEO.

Since we had footage of Lauren and Jason from the promo we dug it back out and used it to enhance their wedding movie also.

You can also see Lauren and Jason’s wedding trailer by CLICKING HERE.

Congratulations again Lauren and Jason and we hope you are enjoying married life!!

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  1. Awesome job guys, as always! I can see all of the little details you really put into this and it shows! Such a sweet couple and great story telling! 🙂

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