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Lauren & Andrew’s Feature Film

posted by James Player
March 1, 2010 @ 9:49 am
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This is Lauren and Andrew’s entire wedding movie. In addition to this segment there are also many bonus material segments such as special messages, fun dancing clips, etc. that are included on their DVD.

In some of our more recent posts, it has been mentioned about how we pay close attention to music and the significant role music can play in “setting a scene”. I wanted to kind of dive in to that topic a little deeper as it specifically relates to Lauren and Andrew’s wedding movie below.

As I began reviewing the footage we captured, I was quickly reminded of the grandeur of their ceremony location (Sacred Heart Cultural Center) and knew that something more dramatic could certainly work for some of their movie. I began searching through some music selections that we had and found something that I felt supported the beauty of the location and the special moments from the wedding.

Some of the more dramatic musical parts of their wedding movie were pulled from “The Village” by director M Night Shyamalan and the music was scored by James Newton Howard.

Without spoiling anything for those that haven’t seen it, The Village was haunting and scary all while showcasing a strong love story between two young people that lived in “The Village”. James Newton Howard absolutely nailed the score to fit and support the storyline of this movie.

What James Newton Howard did for the score of “The Village” is the exact goal that we have with every moment of all the wedding movies we produce. While we cannot custom create a score for our movies, we do our best to pick the absolute best scores and/or music that will enhance what is happening on the screen. We also put alot of time into crafting the scores that we use to fit exactly how we need them to fit. So while we do use already existing scores many of the pieces you hear in our videos are certainly not 100% exact cuts off of the soundtracks.

This careful attention to detail makes a huge difference over just using the same music over and over for everyone.

In addition to the score from The Village we also used some scores from the following films:
– Face Off
– Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
– Lady in the Water
– Contact

One other thing we did based on a request from Lauren, Andrew and their family was to include the natural audio/music during the Bride’s entrance. While we typically try to enhance this portion of the video with a climactic score of some type we honestly couldn’t have agreed more that the natural audio worked great. They had a custom arrangement of a song from the Disney movie Cinderella and it turned out phenomenal (BTW the audio you hear is the live recording we made during the ceremony).

Since so much talk was made of “The Village” I figured I would show a piece of the movie. Below Lauren and Andrew’s movie you will find a segment from the Village where I got the music that I used around the title section of Lauren and Andrew’s intro to their movie.

You can also see Lauren and Andrew’s wedding trailer by CLICKING HERE.



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