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Teresa & Sheirmiar’s Trailer

posted by James Player
July 23, 2010 @ 9:21 am
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Teresa Fields-Richardson and Sheirmiar White were married at the Palmetto Bluff Waterside Chapel on 06.19.2010.

Palmetto Bluff is a unique resort/community located just outside of Hilton Head. The grounds there are meticulously maintained and Teresa and Sheirmiar’s wedding festivities combined with the beauty of the location truly made for a great experience for everyone involved.

Congratulations Teresa and Sheirmiar

Teresa and Sheirmiar chose Jim Gund as their wedding day photographer and we had a great time working alongside him and his assistant.

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One Response to “Teresa & Sheirmiar’s Trailer”

  1. Jaime Espiritu says:

    I love the trailer. This is what a professional wedding video should look like. It’s clean. It’s clear. The audio is understandable. The clip tells a story. The movements are well balanced. The shots are steady without much shaky movements. This is inspiring. I felt like I was there at the ceremony and I don’t know these people. Keep up the amazing work.

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