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Tori and Drew’s Save the Date

posted by James Player
May 7, 2011 @ 8:56 am
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SAVE THE DATE – 03.17.2012


       We tagged along on Tori and Drew’s engagement photo session with the intention of capturing some non-wedding and unique footage that we could blend in with their wedding trailer and artistic film after their wedding next year. As a part of the session we stopped off at the “Chicken Man” where Tori had already spoken with him about making some unique Save The Date Paintings. We were lucky enough to actually catch him in the action of finishing them up and after we captured all the “Save the Date” footage it just felt right to put together a Save the Date video together.

       In fact, after doing Tori and Drew’s video, even though we didn’t go into their shoot with the intention of doing this, we thought it was such a neat concept that we are going to officially begin offering Save the Date Videos.

       Save the Date videos will be available to anyone, even if we are not filming your wedding, and will include a creative consultation where we will take your ideas and come up with a unique plan for bringing them to life, a filming session to capture those ideas and of course the edit to put all those ideas into a finished and very cool product.

Inquire for additional details.

10 Responses to “Tori and Drew’s Save the Date”

  1. Bill Nixon says:


    That is very cool! I really like the way you shot and edited that! Fantastic work as always!

  2. Caroline Lee Barnette says:

    Tori, I love the video it put happy tears in my eyes for yall! Are yall getting married in Manning?

  3. Christie Tull says:

    This is beautiful! Bella watched with me and asked if you guys were in love. So if a 4 year can tell, then job well done. 🙂 I love you guys!!!

  4. Ginny says:

    Jamie-WELL DONE!!! You guys captured these two perfectly!

    Drew & T- I’m so happy for y’all!! All the scenes were beautiful around Columbia! My favorite part is when Ernest Lee approves his work on the “SAVE” cut-out! hehe. SO excited for 3-17-11!!

  5. Stacy Montgomery says:

    Super Cute!! Love it!! Thats a GReAT idea and I love that you used the chicken man!!

  6. Ashley, Marion, and Anna Kate says:

    That is awesome!!
    We LOVE you!!

  7. Amelia says:

    Tori! LOVE LOVE LOVE the video!!!!

  8. Jamie Rogers says:

    That was beautiful Tori!! Congratulations!!!! You are going to make one gorgeous bride!!

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