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Jacinda & Aaron’s wedding trailer

posted by James Player
July 23, 2011 @ 6:04 pm
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       Jacinda Washington and Aaron White were married on 07.02.2011. Additional wedding details listed below:

       Bride’s Maiden Name: Jacinda Washington
       Groom’s Name: Aaron White
       City, State: Columbia, SC Wedding
       Ceremony Location / Venue – Millstone at Adam’s Pond
       Reception Location / Venue – Market Center – South Carolina Farmers Market
       Wedding Photographer – CL Moze Photography

Congratulations Jacinda and Aaron

Jacinda and Aaron chose our 8 hour Artistic Style package. They will receive a fully edited wedding video in addition to their trailer shown above.

27 Responses to “Jacinda & Aaron’s wedding trailer”

  1. Maureen Brown says:

    I nearly watched it several times….ok let me be honest I watched it about 3 times! It was truly artistic,breathtaking,& PURE (the love b/t you guys!) Amazing Aaron and Jacinda,Continue to put God 1st and the rest will ultimately follow. It is amazing to always see what GOD has joined together NO MAN can tear apart. Aaron you have made your father very proud and one day when I’m married my mother will be looking down on me as well! Congratulations once again and Happy 22nd day of JOY,HAPPINESS AND TOGETHERNESS!



  2. Katrina says:

    Congratulations! It was an awesome video and thanks for givng us a glimpse into your special day! ~Ms. Singletary

  3. Anthony Washington says:

    Very beautiful! Well did!

  4. Mrs. McMorris says:

    Congratulations to a beautiful couple. The video is awesome! I wish you both ALL the love and blessings that God has in store.

    Mrs. McMorris

  5. Colin Eady says:

    Aaron I know that your father is smiling down and so proud of you brother…your wedding was amazing. Congrats to you and your beautiful wife, may God bless your union.

  6. Latrina Reid Singleton says:

    This made me tear up! I really think you all embody the true meaning of marriage. Some people are treating it likes it a fad, but to live it out God’s way, that is the marriage between a man and a woman who has made vows to each other is truly one of the most amazing thing God has given to us! I wish you guys nothing but the best and may God bless your marriage!!! Love you all!!!

  7. Shynekia says:

    Congrats!! Such a lovely video and couple; God Bless : )

  8. Teresa Graham says:

    Congratulations, what a beautiful couple and the video was awesome. May God bless the two of you and your families.

    Love you

  9. Karsten Housey says:

    (TEAR,TEAR) Absolutely breathtaking… Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Aaron White!!! Thank you for sharing your sacred day with us. May the love you expressed for each other in this video dwell within your hearts everyday of your lives. The love you two share is so beautiful. Jacinda I love the way you stated that you two just want to live a happy simple life. Remember this always and your love will continue to prosper and grow. Love doesn’t require much, it only needs to be nourished. Continue to shower each other with affection and your love will continue to blossom!!! Aaron I am so proud of the man you have become. I pray blessings and prosperity upon your marriage and your family.

  10. Roneisha Council says:

    Congratulations Aaron! The wedding looked amazing and you guys look amazing together. I was in AWH and in tears when watching the trailer I believe that you guys will last forever because you all look so happy together again congratulations and I wish you both the best!

  11. Cassandra Sanders says:

    Congratulation to Mr. & Mrs. Aaron White. The video was awesome and breathtaking. May God continue to place in the both of each other hearts love, happiness, and joy. I hope both of you cherish the moment for a lifetime. Congratulation an I wish you the very best on your marriage.

  12. Congratulations!!! Your wedding was very beautiful and I wish you guys the best!!

  13. Brittany says:

    Does anyone know where Jacinda got her dress? I love it!! I am in search for my wedding dress now and is similar to exactly what I am looking for. Great video!

  14. Mr. & Mrs Hall (Brandon's Parents) says:

    Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. White.

    Just finished viewing the trailer and seems like your wedding was absolutely fabulous! Marriage is a wonderful thing, so take your time and enjoy each other and don’t sweat the small stuff because life is too short.

    We wish you both the best of everything that life has to offer and we pray you have a strong, happy, healthy marriage.

    God Bless.

    Gregory & Lenora Hall

  15. RC & Hettie Dobson says:

    From Uncle Bull & Aunt Hettie
    So proud of you & your life you have maid for your family now. A beautiful young lady.May God forever Bless your marriage.

  16. Tyesha kinlaw-Gardner says:

    Simply beautiful. Arron your dad would be so proud of you on today.. I loved it

  17. Val & John Wright says:

    Rod, we are so proud of you. I have watched you matured over the years and I knew for years that you would be a wonderful upstanding man. May God bless you and your beautiful wife and I wish both of you decades of martial bliss. Keep God first and continue to strive to be that GREAT man that God has ordered you to be. Love You!

  18. lateya Foxx says:

    That was truly beautiful… Wish you two the best… God Bless!

  19. Quay says:

    Rod I am so happy you have found that one person u r willing to spend the rest of your life with. I kept hearing about this wedding video and im glad I saw it for myself. The video was breath taking. Your wife is beautiful. I wish u both only the best and may you continue to put God first and allow him to lead your marriage and you will never have to question anything.

  20. brandy McKenney says:

    This was a breathtaking video. Brought me to tears both times I watched it. The back ground music could not have made a bigger statement. Congrats you guys!

  21. Rotunda says:

    Wow, you guys were amazing!!!!!!!! I was not there but I sure felt that I was. Congrats to you both, wish you much happiness, peace, and love forever…..

  22. Jewel says:

    Congratulations!…Aaron & Jacinda…I enjoyed viewing your video and Aaron I heard you said you will never divorce Jacinda…I hope you follow through on that promised…If you apply the sound counsel at Ec 4:12 “Threefold Cord” & Eph 5:33 “Husband loving wife as himself and wife are to have deep respect for her husband”….if observed, your marriage will be very successful!!!

  23. Deryll says:

    Beautiful words of love, and the acknowledgement of the almighty God. The location of the wedding is absolutely awesome.

    May God continue to keep you in his everlasting will.

  24. Tia says:

    This was absolutely the sweetest thing I have ever seen. It was oh-so genuine and pure that it left me with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful couple and may God continue to bless your union.

  25. IYCE says:

    Absolutely beautiful! May God continue to bless this union! good luck

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