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Jessica and Tyler’s wedding trailer

posted by James Player
July 8, 2011 @ 9:20 am
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Jessica and Tyler in front of the Fountain at the Lace House

       Jessica Michaelis and Tyler Garrett were married on 06.25.2011. Additional wedding details listed below:

       Bride’s Maiden Name: Jessica Michaelis
       Groom’s Name: Tyler Garrett
       City, State: Columbia, SC Wedding
       Ceremony & Reception Location / Venue – Governor’s Mansion in Columbia, SC – Lace House
       Wedding Photographer – Combined Forces of Dave Gilbert Photography and Katie Hart
       Wedding Florist – American Floral – Florist Columbia, SC
       Wedding Planner – Meagan Warren
       Wedding Band – New South Players – Out of Atlanta, GA

Congratulations Jessica and Tyler

Jessica and Tyler chose our 10 hour Artistic Style package with added Bridal session coverage. They will receive an Artistic Film as well as a fully edited wedding video in addition to their trailer shown above.

167 Responses to “Jessica and Tyler’s wedding trailer”

  1. Dave Gilbert says:

    LOVE IT! James and Marianna never fail to amaze me. Beautiful Wedding, Beautiful Couple, and Beautifully Filmed! You can see the Photography at Uploading completes later tonight. Dave

  2. Jessica says:

    WE LOVE IT!!!!! Best wedding ever and I am so happy we have it on film! Yall did a great job and we cant wait to see the final product!! Thanks for all your hardwork!! Looks great!!!!

  3. Tyler Garrett says:

    Ya’ll definitely knocked this one out of the park!

  4. Jimbo says:

    Great wedding! Excellent Video!!! So proud of ya’ll and thanks for including me in the wonderful celebration at the Governor’s Mansion.

  5. alyson fort says:

    This is just a beautiful video that certainly celebrates an exciting day! We are all so happy for you both! Be blessed in your new life together!

  6. Lynn Place says:

    Great video! What a wonderful keepsake. So happy we were able to come to your wedding.
    We had a fantastic time! You make a beautiful couple. Love, Lynn & Chuck

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks Lynn and Thanks again for making the trip down! It was so great to see yall and visit on Sunday!! Hope to see you soon! Please share this link with the others and get them to comment!

  7. Brooke Scott says:

    Awesome video! I love it! Such a beautiful wedding!

  8. Stephanie Harrell says:

    Absolutely beautiful video! It was a beautiful wedding!

  9. Eleanor McGarrigle Hessler says:

    Great video, really tells the story of your love and affection for each other. I wish you both a long, happy and healthy life together!!

  10. Ami Garrett says:

    As mother of the groom, I admit to being somewhat bias but I think that this wedding video tells Tyler and Jessica’s story perfectly. It has been a journey of faith, friendship and love and I couldn’t be happier or more proud.

    I love you both more than you will ever know…Mom

  11. Lindsay Spotts says:

    Your video is awesome! I felt like I was watching a Hollywood movie! Congratulations, Jessica and Tyler.

  12. Jessica Garrett says:

    Awesome video!! So beautiful, what a great day that was, I am very thankful I got to be a part of it! The trailor is marvelous!!

  13. Amanda Garrett says:

    I love the video!! It really shows how cute of a couple they are and how much they love each other!!! I almost cried hearing them talk to each other,,,, so super sweet!!! It is just an awesome video and very well done!!

  14. Pam Miller says:

    Awesome video! It captured the beauty of the setting, the excitment of the day, and the love that you share. I’m sure you’ll treasure it for years to come.

  15. Diane Shane says:

    Wow! Beautiful Story…. Loved it! Congratulation Jessica and Tyler….May your union be filled with Happines, Love and Joy!! and Let’s not forget Longevity…..Best Wishes….

  16. Taylor Green says:

    Beautiful wedding and video! I loved it and had a great time! Best wishes to the both of you. Have fun!

  17. Jamie says:

    Incredible wedding…incredible couple…and incredible video!! Congrats and Best Wishes! I’m so happy for you two!

  18. Rita Schlageter says:

    Most incredible wedding video I’ve ever seen. Loved the music, the part where Tyler talks at the beginning. I loved it all. It was fun, light magical and beautiful. Jessica, you are an amazing bride. You looked like you walked right out of Brides magazine. I hope you both have a beautiful life! Thanks for sharing this beautiful beginning with us. I’m sure there will be many more magical events throughout the years.

  19. Haley says:

    WOW!!! I LOVED this! You can see and feel the love you two share! Jessica you looked gorgeous and Tyler looked so handsome! I grew up with Tyler and I am so happy for the two of them! Such a beautiful wedding! Such a beautiful couple! Congratulations Jessica and Tyler….I wish you all the love and joy and happiness in your journey ahead!!

  20. Mandy Nowell says:

    COOLEST THING EVER! The video is awesome; so was the wedding and the couple!! Thanks for sharing with us! <3

    • Jessica says:

      thanks Mandy!! I am so glad yall could make it! It truely was a special day! thanks for being there!! feel free to share with your friends!! Get Alan to comment to for us!! 🙂

  21. lauren way says:

    What an awesome video! It looks like a real movie trailer. Can’t wait to see the full length version. Very cool way to capture one of the most important days of your lives! What a beautiful day and couple!

  22. Jessica says:

    Well said Lauren!! It was an awesome day! So glad yall were there to share it with us!!

  23. Lena says:

    Awesome video! Great wedding!

  24. Gloria says:

    This is so cool! Awesome video and wedding!

  25. kathy gallagher says:


  26. carlynn says:

    What a fabulous video–I love it! The two of you are so cute together!!!

  27. Roxanne says:

    Absolutely beautiful video and beautiful couple!!!! 🙂

  28. Thomas Strickland says:

    You guys are such a beautiful couple! I love you both so much, and wish the best of luck for your future together. : )

  29. kacey says:

    What a beautiful video!

  30. Kat says:

    Beautiful wedding! Congrats!

  31. Jessica and Tyler, This was the most beautiful fairy tale wedding. I loved every minute of it, even all of our planning and running around. You two make a wonderful couple and Dad and I wish you many happy, wonderful years together. Enjoy everyday together and remember we love you. The video trailor is awesome and The Players and Dave and Katie did a fantastic job. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. Love you, Mom

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks mom!! You made this all happen!! I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for all your help, love and support!! It was truly the perfect day and Tyler and I will have some many wonderful memories. We love you!!

  32. Eileen Green says:

    Jessica and Tyler: I had a fantastic time at your wedding! Your wedding video was the BEST I’ve ever seen! I loved how you got to express your feelings to each other and also the twinkle in Tyler’s eye when he turned around and saw you (I presume for the first time). I loved the playfulness and affection that were captured throughout this video and especially how you ended with that special kiss! I’m so glad that I got to be a part of your memorable night. Love, Eileen Green xoxo

    • Jessica says:

      So glad you came Eileen!! It was great to see you and spend time with yall! It meant a lot to us that yall made the trip down!!! Everything was perfect and I am glad you were there to share it with us! thanks again! much love!!

  33. Shannon says:

    This is by far the best video!! 🙂

  34. Erika Swann says:

    AMAZING video!!! By far the best one I’ve seen EVER! What a BEAUTIFUL couple!!!!

  35. Chris Linenberger says:

    This was very Awesome. My wife and I are so happy for you all and wish you a very wonderful life together.

  36. Lauren Green says:

    That was an amazing video and wedding!! Congratulations!! Love you both! (:

  37. Tiffany Walters says:

    Absolutley stunning! I pray God abundantly blesses your marriage.

  38. Karen Crumpton says:

    Just plain AWESOME!!!!!!!

  39. Maggie Pate says:

    Amazing video, but why wouldn’t it be with such a beautiful couple! I’d like to invent a time machine and go back so your videographer can do my wedding too. Amazing memories that’ll last you a lifetime.

    • Jessica says:

      My roommate’s sister… that should be a movie title lol!! Thanks for the compliments and sweet message! The video was amazing and the players do a wonderful job! Ill help ya with the time machine, so I can go back to the wedding day and relive it!! Take good care of Betsy for me! We miss her so much!!

  40. Sam pouncey says:

    Awesome video!!!!

  41. Michael Crawford says:

    This video was a true picture of LOVE. I enjoyed watching the many personalities that the video potrayed! Jessica and Tyler congrats and let it be know that your Special Day was AMAZING!

  42. Stephanie Blackmon says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am super impressed with the quality of the video. I know yall will treasure this forever.

  43. Heather says:

    Great video. It was such a beautiful wedding! I wish you both the best.

  44. Beth Green says:

    This video was beautiful! AND so were y’all. Had an awesome time at wedding. Love You

  45. Michael Green says:

    This Video captured the moment perfectly! I even sent it to my mom.

  46. Hannah says:

    Awesome Video! Loved it, and congratulations to the great couple!

  47. Kristen Wicker says:

    Love the video! Such a beautiful wedding!!

  48. Meagan says:

    Bravo James and Marianna – such a fabulous, fabulous video! So enjoyed working with you both. Looking forward to working with you again very soon!

  49. Kimberly says:

    SOO Beautiful! Congrats and Best wishes!!

  50. lynae-a says:

    I can’t wait until the movie to this trailer comes out!

  51. Mary says:

    What an awesome video! I didn’t even realize this was being filmed and clicked on the video thinking it was just a slideshow and then I was just blown away with the quality and how sweet the whole thing was! Love you guys! Congratulations again

  52. Brooke says:

    Love it!! I wish I had been able to see it in person.. 🙁 Hope to see y’all soon!! Congrats again!

  53. Lawton says:

    So when does this movie come out? I can’t wait to see it in theaters!

  54. Rush says:

    I had a great time, and the video is really cool. I look forward to hanging out you two for many years ahead!!!!!

  55. Jessica Emsley says:

    OMG! How lovely! It was like watching a movie!!!!! Congrats!

  56. Amy Roberts says:

    It was very beautiful!!! Congrats!

  57. Shannon Holland says:

    What a wonderful keep sake. Good Luck to you both on your new and exciting journey together.

  58. Michelle DePaul says:

    Congrats! Somewhere down the line we’re family 😀 Wishing you both lots of love & laughter in your journey through life together. xoxo

  59. Irma Burger says:

    This was such a sweet video. The two of you are a beautiful couple.

  60. Beth says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful video!

  61. Matt says:

    Had a great time. The video is cool.

  62. Katie Atkins says:

    The two of you are awesome together!!! I hope you have so many years of happiness!!!


  63. Lexington Printing says:


  64. Patti McKown says:

    Loved your video. Shows just how happy you and Tyler were at your wedding! It was a beautiful wedding. We were so excited to be a part of it!

  65. Ryno says:

    Awesome video – Congrats guys!

  66. Jessica says:

    Ryno, thanks for coming!! It was an awesome time!!

  67. Miriam says:

    Such a beautiful relationship!!! Loved the video… All the best to you for a long and happy life together. What a wonderful way to share your love with friends! I enjoyed it so much!

  68. Bonnie Shull says:

    What a wonderful video! You look beautiful Jessica!! Wishing you many many happy years together!!

  69. Sue says:

    The bride was absolutely gorgeous!!. Loved the setting! Music pulled it all together.

  70. Allen Nowell says:

    Cool video!! Congrats and best wishes to the both of you!

  71. Bridget says:

    This is the sweetest video! Your wedding looked so fun and you looked beautiful Jessica! Congrats to Jessica and Tyler 🙂

  72. Lynne says:

    Tyler & Jessica,
    This video is awesome! It truly shows how beautiful the wedding was. It looks just like a fairytale. We were so honored to be a part of such a special day for the two of you. Love you both! Lynne & Tim

  73. Kelly Smith says:

    What an AWESOME video! I really loved watching it!

  74. Jackie says:

    Congratulations on your wedding! It looks like it was beautiful, and you look so happy!

  75. Brenda says:

    Good job, certainly enjoyed this, I can’t wait to see the final video!

  76. Whitney says:

    Congratulations! The wedding was beautiful!!

  77. April Phillips says:

    Very cool!

  78. Jamie Reaves says:

    that was SO COOL!!!

  79. Dad says:

    Best thing I have ever seen! Love it!

  80. Nick Tompkins says:

    You guys sure do know how to throw a party! Had a blast – thanks for having me. Do married couples tailgate differently?

  81. Beth Chandler says:

    Amazing video … you guys are beautiful and look so happy!! Congrats to both of you!!

  82. Doug Baker says:

    Great video, and great couple Jessica! Thanks for sharing it with me! Also, thank you for your trust in me to find the perfect wedding band for your reception!

  83. Robert G. Lewis says:

    Great attention to detail, and the overall production of the video. You are the best.

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