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Susan & Jonathan’s Wedding Trailer

posted by James Player
November 10, 2011 @ 1:18 pm
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Jonathan and Susan’s wedding details listed below:

       Groom’s Name: Jonathan Dinkins
       Bride’s Maiden Name: Susan Kingry
       Ceremony Location – Emmanuel Lutheran Church
       Wedding ceremony city, state: West Columbia, South Carolina
       Reception Venue – Lexington Municipal Center
       Reception city, state: Lexington, South Carolina
       Wedding Florist – White House Florist – Lexington, SC
       Wedding DJ – Our good bud Cameron Glover from Big Time Entertainment
       Wedding Photographer – great friends Clark and Becki Berry with Clark Berry Photography

Susan and Jonathan chose our 8 hour Artistic Style Package with no add-ons. Their wedding video will not only contain the wedding trailer shown above but will also have the fully edited “as it happened” version of their coverage time. The fully edited moments will include things such as the full ceremony, dancing clips, special messages from each other before the ceremony, preparations for the wedding, etc.

10 Responses to “Susan & Jonathan’s Wedding Trailer”

  1. Ashley Connors says:

    This is so amazingly beautiful!

  2. Susan Kingry Dinkins says:

    It’s perfect!!!

  3. Tiffany says:

    The video was beautiful.

  4. mike cole says:

    Outstanding as always ! One of the best in country !

  5. Mrs. Sarah says:

    Wow! I am so glad to see this since I was not able to
    attend. So very beautifully done. You both look so
    happy! Jonathan, I still can’t believe your married.
    (not like you haven’t heard that one!) Susan we’ve
    yet to meet but I look forward to when we do! Blessings
    to you both!

  6. Katy Armstrong says:

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful and stunning! I also am so happy to see just a portion of such an amazing day for you both. Congratulations! Love you both!

  7. Tabitha Amick says:

    Jonathan & Susan, This was abosultely beautiful & breathe taking. God brought you both together and cherish those times whether they are good or bad. You guys are amazing and I love you both!! Congratulations!!!

  8. Toni Rogers says:

    This made me cry tears of joy for you both! Congratulations! Love, Toni

  9. Mina Gunter says:

    Susan, I have not met you, but I know and love this family and have for some years now. You are a lovely young lady, and you and Jonathan make a fabulous couple! Just wish I could have been there! Tony and I are living in Australia and if Y’All want to come and visit, you will be welcomed anytime! Love and God’s BEST Blessing to you as you begin your new life together. Say HI to the fam for us! Kisses all around xoxoxoxo Mina and Tony in OZ =)

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