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Tori and Drew’s wedding trailer
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Tori and Drew’s wedding trailer

posted by James Player
March 28, 2012 @ 6:44 pm


701 whaley wedding image

Congratulations to Tori and Drew!!! We so enjoyed being with you at your rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception and for the Save the Date shoot! 🙂

  • Bride: Tori Jones
  • Groom: Drew Mobley
  • Wedding Date: 03.17.2012

     Tori and Drew chose our 12 hour Package + Rehearsal Dinner Coverage + Artistic Film. Their entire wedding video will not only contain the wedding trailer shown above but will also contain a fully edited video of the important moments such as the first dance, toasts, wedding ceremony, etc. They will also receive one of our Signature Artistic Films which is essentially a personalized short movie. Tori and Drew also chose a Save the Date Video which you can see here.

57 Responses to “Tori and Drew’s wedding trailer”

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  2. Tori says:

    Best. Day. Ever. and it is shown through the video. Love it!

  3. Ginny Jameson says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL video for a BEAUTIFUL couple!!!

  4. Lindsay Furse says:

    I love the video. You make such a beautiful couple. The wedding weekend was sooo mch fun! Love you both!

  5. MOB and FOB says:

    Tori and Drew: your love for each other shines brightly through every second of this video. We are so happy for you and love you both very much. Mom and Dad

  6. Annette & Mike says:

    We are so happy for this beautiful couple! Love the video.

  7. Drew says:

    James and marianna are awesome!! great memories!

  8. Emily says:

    Beautiful! what a wonderful memory for a perfect day!

  9. Lauren & Kory says:

    Wonderful Video! Such a beautiful couple inside and out! What great memories!

  10. Ben C says:

    Great production. Makes me want to watch the entire wedding.

  11. Alison Giesler says:

    amazing video! Thanks for letting me a part of yall’s special day! much love to you both!

  12. Claire Winslow says:

    What a beautiful video and couple! Congratulations and we hope to meet you soon Tori! Love, Claire, Ken, and Robert Winslow

  13. Bambi Beaulieu says:

    I love it!!! Beautiful wedding!!! Congrats to the two of you!

  14. Crystal Steele Johnson says:

    Just beautiful!! Congrats!!

  15. Virginia Sumner says:

    Beautiful wedding!! Great looking couple! I wish you all the happiness in the world. Great video.

  16. Patti Johnston says:

    Tori and Drew,
    What a beautiful wedding and lovely couple. I wish you all the best in the world and May God Bless your marriage.

  17. The sister of the bride says:

    This is such beautiful way to capture the special moments of a fabulous weekend! It warms my heart everytime I watch it! We love you T and D!!! Thanks for letting us all be part of your special day!
    Marion, Ash, Anna Kate, and M.E.;)

  18. Karen Neely says:

    I absolutely got cold chills watching your wedding trailer. It said it all – yours is a true love story.
    Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

  19. Karen Elliott says:

    I’m at a loss for words. It was just simply beautiful! Ya’ll were made for each other.

  20. Tabs says:

    I’m slightly obsessed with this video…you two are

  21. Linda says:

    What an amazing love story that is captured in this video.. A beautiful wedding and couple.Love you both and wishing you many , many years of love,happiness and blessings. Linda

  22. Mary says:

    Beautiful Video 🙂 You both deserve the best!

  23. sherry faile says:

    this is so beautiful..such a wonderful tribute to your love!!!

  24. Vicki Walker says:

    Tori and Drew – loved being a part of your wedding and special day! This video captures it perfectly! Congratulations to a wonderful, young couple! Wishing you blessings and happiness! xoxoxoxo

  25. Kelly says:

    How beautiful! I am so sorry I missed it! I wish you many, many years of happiness!

  26. Brittany Howard says:

    Love this video! so sweet!! Congrats Tori and Drew

  27. Jennie Fry says:

    I am so happy for you!!!! What a beautiful way to remember your most special day!

  28. Beth Johnson says:

    Tori and Drew,
    It was very evident how much you two love one another. We had a great time at your wedding. The Mobley family means the world to us.. Welcome to it, Tori. We love all of you.

    Mark and Beth

  29. Lori W says:

    Amazing… very sweet

  30. BigManJones says:

    This was so pretty I cried.

  31. Donna Mobley says:

    This captured your love for each other! So happy that God brought you together! We love you both to the moon and back!! Welcome to our family Tori!!

  32. Angie says:

    This is priceless and so professionally done! The two of you are so blessed to have found each other and your love is so evident! Beautiful wedding!!

  33. Stephanie Brown says:

    Tori, I would have love to have been there, but so glad Chip was able to go. You looked gorgeous, your dress was beautiful and your hubby so handsome. What a beautiful wedding!

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