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Brianna and Gilberto’s wedding trailer
The Book of Eli
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Brianna and Gilberto’s wedding trailer

posted by James Player
May 18, 2012 @ 3:48 pm


Congratulations to Brianna and Gilberto!!!

  • Bride: Brianna Alicia Holt
  • Groom: Gilberto Ernesto Kennedy (you will hear this in the trailer.. Brianna calls him Panama 🙂 )
  • Wedding Date: 04.22.2012
    Wedding ceremony, reception, and vendor details below:

  • Ceremony Location: Wintergreen Woods – Lexington, SC
  • Reception Location: Also at Wintergreen Woods

     Brianna and Gilberto chose our 8 hour Package. Their entire wedding video will not only contain the wedding trailer shown above but will also contain a fully edited video showing all of the moments we covered in a very high quality, chronological fashion.

32 Responses to “Brianna and Gilberto’s wedding trailer”

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  2. Brianna A. Kennedy says:

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! LOL. What a great surprise for the weekend! James & Marianna, thank you for your patience and hard work, this is truly going to be a treasured keepsake for generations to come, God willing! Love you guys! (((HUGS)))

  3. Shawntá Hernandez says:

    Love this….such a beautiful video! Congrats to the couple!!!

  4. Heriberto Ponder Kennendy says:

    To my Nephew and his beautiful bride congrats, and may your life together be filled wth the happiness now and forever. And i do believe you have a summertime blockbuster with the wedding video. I want a copy sent to me ASAP since I cloud not make it Sorry about that by the way.

  5. Evangelist Ethel Taylor says:

    This is such a beautiful and touchy video. The wedding was beautiful and the sayings are so romantic and sweet. You make such a beautiful couple. I have gained another cousin and I thank God for Him. Whenever you have a little debate if you have any, play this movie again and feast off these beautiful words to each others. Congratulation and God bless. I wish I could have been there, however you were in my heart and spirit.

  6. Tiffany Sunshine says:

    Wow! This was awesome. The narrative flowed nicely with the gradual procession of the film. I like that it wasn’t in a specific order. Kudos to the editor! Of course the stars of the wedding were easy on the eyes as well. 🙂

  7. Da'King says:

    Man, thought I was watching “Think Like a Man” part two, nice!!

  8. Grady Lowe says:


    Its CPT Lowe and I just wanted to say on behalf of my family and I congratulations to you and your lovely wife. I sincerely wish you guys the best of luck in your future endeavors. I also wanted to compliment your wedding trailer it was honestly moving and motivating and really shows the beauty of marriage.

    Grady Lowe

  9. Whitney Stallworth says:

    OMG!!! I could not stop crying!!!! I want what you guys have some day. I truly believe I have that now but I love you guy’s relationship with each other and how you put God first. That’s very important and I fortunately get to see that first hand with my parents. I love you guys sooooo much and I miss you already. You two will go far, remember that.

  10. Felicia Echols says:

    Gilbert, I’ve known since you were a very young boy even then you had the charm and charisma to capture the girls hearts. Its always been know that you would acomplish anything you set your mind too. You have grown into such a wonderful man. Brianna is a lucky girl to have captured your heart. I wish you both happiness, longevity, and much wealth in love and life and know as long as you stay true to one another the rest will come. Love you!


  11. kayla says:

    The most beautiful wedding ever god bless this union always!

  12. Raquel Raynor says:

    This video was just beautiful!! Gilberto, I have not gotten the chance to meet you yet but I hold Brianna very close to my heart…she was a great friend to me in college and still is! Was very upset that I could not make it, but this trailer did seem to enlighten and bring me closer to your special day. Almost felt like I was there! So Congratulations again to the both of you, and I wish you a life full of joy and happiness!

    Love from Bermuda,

    • Brianna A. Kennedy says:

      :D. Thank you, Quelz!!! Keep me updated on your engagement!! Every time I see something Bermuda related I think of you. We really need to catch up! Love you! xo

  13. Jasmine says:

    Congrats to my one and only sister on her marriage to my new Bil! I wish you both the best with much success and happiness with one another! Remember I’m always here if/when you need me 😉

  14. Heriberto Ponder Kennendy says:

    I love this wedding you and the bride were so beautiful I love it. Gilberto enjoy your wife, enjoy your life and be happy and dont forget to give thanks to God for this beautiful step accolmplish in life. Love

  15. Zaida Davis says:

    Beautiful weeding. May the Lord continue blessing you and your family Love you.

  16. Rosa Holt says:

    Exquisite!…..It takes me back to that wonderful, exciting, fast-paced day on April 22 and the rush of it all. As the mother of the Bride, Brianna, I am so proud of you. As a new mother-n-law of Gilberto, (Panama), I have grown to love you toooooo. The two of you had a beautiful wedding and I pray that your life will be joyous to the end of time. Keep God 1st and the Blessings will continue to flow and your cup will be over-flowing with more than you ever imagined. Be in Unity…Be strong together….and you can make it to 31+ years like your Dad and I…..Love YOU BOTH, MOM

  17. Gilberto..aka Panama says:

    I would truely like to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment on me and Brianna Special occasion. To say that I am very happy would be a understatement, so I would Simply say that Me and Brianna are BLESSED to have such wonder family, friends and most important each other in our lives.

    Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. – Deuteronomy 31:6

  18. UncleRud&Aunt Carolyn says:

    I pray that God will bless your marriages and that you both will have many many years of happiness !!

  19. UncleRud&Aunt Carolyn says:

    God bless you . Hope you many many years of happiness !!

  20. UncleRud&Aunt Carolyn says:

    I pray that God wll bless your marriages . You look so beautiful and so happy. Im sorry we were not able to attend but i hope we will meet you husband soon. Love You

    • Alice J. Holt says:

      I love you both! Your pictures are beautiful! The commitment you two made to each other was so beautiful With God in your lives, you can conquer anything! The sky is the limited! Then I believe you will go beyond that. Love always to the both of you. Your grandmother.

  21. Frankie H. Holt says:

    The trailer is awesome! God continue to bless the both of you.

  22. Tavarius Drake says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy Congrats! I wish I could have made it. This trailer is just a peice of the beauty you two will share for the rest of your lives.

  23. Beverly says:

    Congratulations Brianna and Gilberto! This is a beautiful video, and your wedding was beautiful as well. May God continue to bless your union.

  24. Stacy Samuel says:

    Very beautiful! May God continue to bless your union! A new beginning, a new chapter, a new life, and much happiness to you both!
    your cousin,

  25. Aunt Gee says:

    Hi Panama and Brianna:
    It was an absolutely lovely and romantic wedding; the viedo captured it nicely. May you grow in oneness; trusting in God to lean on his guidance. (Prov 3:5-6). Brianna one of granddaddy favorite saying: “Dont let the sun go down on your wrath.” Ephes. 4:26 – Communicate, communicate, communicate. Love you both and wish you the very best!!

  26. Frances Lansberry says:

    Congratulations Brianna! I wish you the best in your marriage. May God bless you and king you.


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