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Julie and Dayne’s wedding trailer
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Julie and Dayne’s wedding trailer

posted by James Player
August 23, 2012 @ 7:18 am


      Julie and Dayne were so incredibly cool and you just couldn’t help but be excited when around them. One very personalized yet funny part of their day was also not realized by a majority of their wedding guest. Their kisses were always done in multiple of 3 or 4 LOL. By the end of the day Brantley/Richard (All dressed up) and Marianna and myself had figured this out and we (including Julie and Dayne) were all laughing every time it happened.. VERY VERY GOOD TIME!!!

Congratulations yall!!

  • Bride: Julie Sturkie
  • Groom: Dayne Phillips
  • Wedding Date: 06.23.2012

Wedding details below:


  • Artist: Ben Rector
  • Song: Disarm
  • Album: Twenty Tommorrow
  • Song Legally Licensed through The Music Bed

Julie and Dayne chose our 10 hour Package. Their entire wedding video will not only contain the wedding trailer shown above but will also contain a fully edited video showing all of the moments we covered in a very high quality and chronological fashion.

28 Responses to “Julie and Dayne’s wedding trailer”

  1. […] Julie and Dayne were married on 06.23.2012 with a beautiful wedding at 701 Whaley. […]

  2. Julie says:

    WOW!!! I love it!!! Thank you for capturing our special day and making such an awesome trailer for our video!

  3. Dr. Sue says:

    This is a beautiful reflection of God’s love for you and Dayne, Julie. It’s a beautiful reflection of your love for each other too. It was an honor to view it. HUGS to you both.

    Dr. Sue

  4. LeeAnne says:

    AWESOME video!!! Julie was a beautiful bride! We enjoyed working with you and your family!!! I hate that I missed this one!

  5. Dayne says:

    The video is amazing! Great Work! It was a pleasure working with the Players!

  6. Erin says:

    This was an amazing video! Captured such a special day for two of my favorite people. 🙂

  7. Kimberly says:

    Awwww……it brought tears to my eyes!! So sweet!! Congratulations to you both!

  8. L. Nicole says:

    I’m a friend of someone who was in attendance and everything was simply beautiful!! The vid was wonderfully put together!!! Congrats to the Mr. & Mrs. 😉

  9. Louise Swearingen says:

    Video was beautiful . loved it …

  10. Mallory says:

    AHHH! I definitely started CRYING when Julie tapped Dayne on the shoulder and got choked up as he turned around 🙂 best couple ever, so so sweet and very in love and deserving of so many things in life. this video is perfect. GO DAYNE AND JULIE!

  11. Laurie Baggott says:

    Absolutely wonderful! A special reflection of love in every single “frame”. Fairy tale weddings for a much deserving couple!

  12. Sharon says:

    As I watched the video, It was just like watching the wedding and all the festivies after… tears streaming down my face full of joy for the both of them! Indeed, a match made in Heaven!!

  13. Melissa says:

    Your love for each other shines through. Congratulations again!

  14. Sarah says:

    Such a beautiful video for two beautiful people 🙂

  15. Beth Brooks says:

    What an amazing way to remember such a perfect day! I love this trailer!

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