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Michele and Travis Wedding trailer
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Michele and Travis Wedding trailer

posted by James Player
September 14, 2013 @ 2:49 pm

  • Bride: Michele Ross
  • Groom: Travis Wright
  • Wedding Date: 07.06.2013

Wedding details below:


  • Artist: The Icarus Account
  • Song: Angel of Mine
  • Song Legally licensed through

Michele and Travis chose our 8 hour Package + trailer. Their entire wedding video will not only contain the trailer shown above but will also contain a fully edited video showing all of the moments we covered in a very high quality and chronological fashion.

11 Responses to “Michele and Travis Wedding trailer”

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  2. Linda Ross says:

    It was very moving. Reliving those memories and hearing their private thoughts is something I will never forget

  3. dad says:

    fantastic great thank you

  4. Christal VanWickler says:

    This was wonderful your love for each other is so deep and inspirational.

  5. dale remer says:

    sorry I couldn’t be there…but it was nice to share the most important moments of your life, even it was from afar and at a later date…best wishes and hopes for a happy future

    • Michele says:

      Thank you Uncle Dale!!! I know you were there in spirit and was hoping to make the trip. We truly missed you and look forward to seeing you soon…. a trip to Michigan is in the works! :o)

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