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Columbia Wedding Venue | Front of building

     701 Whaley while being around for a few years now is one of the newcomers to the wedding venue offerings in Columbia. This popular location for wedding cermonies and/or receptions is a perfect blend of aged architecture and modern upgrades, and creates a truly unique experience that cannot be found in many other Columbia Wedding venues.

     As you walk through 701 Whaley for a tour and nothing is going on, I promise that the first thing that will pop in your mind will not be… “OH THIS IS THE PERFECT WEDDING LOCATION”. Stripped down, the location actually has more of a warehouse type feel with unique aged/textured walls, however, this stripped down open floor plan is the exact thing that makes this wedding venue so unique and versatile.

     It takes very little to turn this location into a wedding wonderland. Those same textured walls that make it feel like an aged warehouse can be dressed up with as little as a few up lights. Put a draped table or two in the middle of the open floor plan along with a few floral arrangements in the windows and on the tables and with little money you have just transformed this “warehouse” into a awesome looking Columbia wedding venue.

     Hire a Columbia wedding planner and let them run free with this location and you will be astonished at the difference between a stripped down 701 Whaley and a decked out 701 Whaley.

     We have seen mild to wild weddings here and each time it proves to be awesome looking and a great experience for all of the wedding guest.

     The location of the venue is another bonus as it is easily accessible from anywhere in town or any of the Suburbs. Coming from the Northeast? Hit 277 and come into Columbia. Irmo? Just come up 126 and your there.

     As you are investigating your perfect Columbia Wedding Venue make sure to put 701 Whaley on the list and just remember… When you walk through the doors don’t look at what you see but envision what can be done because even with little dressing up this truly is one of our most favorite Columbia wedding locations.


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