Wedding Video Ratings

About the SC Wedding Videographer

Video is a combination of multiple art forms and takes a variety of skills and an extreme passion in order to create something that is a truly quality video.

As you are looking for the perfect SC Wedding Videographer we would suggest that you pay close attention to these three details.

A variety of filming techniques exist and are primarily based off of ones skill level in using a video camera.
Marianna and I’s filming techniques are what would be described as artistic and stable. We utilize many proven techniques to ensure a artistic picture that is well exposed (you can see details) and sharp as a tact.

A excellent visual video is nothing without quality sound and sound is a very tough artform.
We not only utilize high quality sound capturing devices and techniques but also run many backups to ensure the highest quality sound possible. In addition to capturing sound that is going on at each live event we also seek out family members and other important individuals to capture additional audio which allows for a much more complete wedding story to be told.

Ediitng is the glue that ties in all audio and visuals captured. This glue can be strong and create a video that is captivating or it can be weak and make excellent visuals and audio literally fall apart.
Marianna and I spend 90% of the time from each of our projects editing. So after we have seen you off on your wedding day our job has just begun!! We take countless hours weaving all of the audio and video captured on your wedding day into the most speacial and beatiful story that is captivating from every aspect. We also utilize emotionally driven movie soundtracks score to further enhance your wedding and creat additional emotion beyond what was actually caputered.

Our job is to make you feel like you just relived every single emotion from your wedding day after you have viewed your video!!