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Matthew, Jamie, Marianna, Daniel - The Players

Hi, my name is Jamie and my wife’s name is Marianna, and we are Absolute Wedding Films.

     Our background with wedding video is certainly not glamorous. In all truthfulness our passion for our work started with unfortunate events related to our own wedding video.

     In 1998 Marianna and I were married. Unfortunately, like so many weddings, video was not a high priority item on our list of things to have, but we did have a friend that knew of a company that provided cheap wedding videos so we arranged for them to cover our wedding

     On the wedding day the guy arrived and had cameras, so we thought all was well. However, after the wedding day passed we quickly learned that something was amiss.

     The problems began with not being able to get in touch with the guy and this continued for 6 years!! YES, YEARS!!

     Around the 6 year mark, we were finally able to obtain the video but much to our dismay it was horrible. Although they had multiple cameras, the wedding video that got back to us was only one angle, and that angle truly didn’t show anything. The audio was non-existent and you could only hear distant mumblings, sneezes and coughs from inside the sanctuary.

     We watched it once and threw it in a box to be stored in the attic. How horrible, considering this could have been a precious keepsake!

     While normally this would be the end of the story it was only the beginning of ours. We had seen quite a few other friends’ wedding videos. A few of them were nice and showed us what an awesome preservation of a special moment we missed out on, but on the flipside a majority of the videos we saw, quality was absent, just as in our case.

our passion to produce great wedding videos was sparked

     By realizing what we missed out on it forces us to new levels of creativity purely out of the desire of wanting every couple we work with to be floored at the quality and long term emotional value of the video that they receive from us. While creating and watching the videos we produce, we can’t help but wish we had something of equal quality to show our boys so they could see and hear us on our wedding day.

     Thanks for reading about us. We hope you enjoy watching the wedding films/videos on our website and will contact us about filming your wedding. We can quickly verify our availability for your wedding day and send you our unique packaging systems which allows you to custom build your very own wedding video bundle in three easy steps.

James & Marianna Player