Wedding Video Ratings

Getting Noticed

     While we strongly feel, and have been told by others on numerous occasions, that we could win some national competitions with our work, we just aren’t the type of people to go out and pursue notariety which is exactly what you have to do in order to win awards with specific videos.

      We have, however, been presented recently with some prestegious awards that could maybe even be more important than a single trophy for a single video. WHY? Well, because both of these awards are given based on our business and work as a whole, and these awards are also given based on what other people say and think about us and not how hard we push our work in front of other people in hopes of being noticed.

     The first honor was that we were accepted into the super prestigious Style Me Pretty Blog little black book of vendors. This extremely “high end” wedding blog hand selects vendors based on stringent qualifications and we are extremely honored to now be a part of that list.

     The second award is “The Knot’s Best of 2012″ which we actually just found out about today. Unkown to many, this is actually our second time being selected by the Knot (the first was 2010) and because of the hating notoriety thing mentioned above we never even brought the first time we won into the limelight. 🙂

     This time around, though, we did want to acknowledge both of these things purely because we sincerely appreciate the fact that so many people are taking the time to not only view but to also think so highly of our work that they would mention us to these organizations!

     Thank you so much to all of our loyal fans and wonderful couples that we work with!!!