Wedding Video Ratings

Blu-Ray or DVD?

        With all of our wedding video packages you have the choice of getting your wedding on Standard DVD or High Definition Blu-Ray. If you would like DVD and Blu-Ray, just contact us and we can talk to you about available options that would allow you to get both formats.

        Having media delivered via digital files is something that has been continuously growing in popularity. If you would like the digital files of your edited wedding video, let us know and we will be glad to get them to you. Digital files are a $50 option and includes a USB thumb-drive on which the files are delivered.

        Want more copies than what is included in your package? No problem. We offer additional copies for a flat rate of $35 which includes shipping and tax. We are also asked many times if we restrict copying of the standard DVDs or Blu-Ray discs we produce, and the answer is no. The final product is your wedding video and you have full control to make as many copies as you would like.

        We always use multiple camera angles to record each event and in doing so this always means that there is a ton of footage that gets edited out of the final video.
        While we always choose the best angle when editing sometimes couples desire seeing all of the uncut/raw footage. Raw files are a $300 option and includes a portable hard drive on which all the raw (unedited) footage and audio is delivered on.