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The beginning text of the wedding section on Brasstown valley’s web site says “For a memorable wedding in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there is no finer setting or more versatile facilities than at Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa.”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Marianna and I always do research on the web about facilities in which we will be filming, and when we looked up Brasstown’s website we were extremely excited, but honestly had no idea what a treat we were in for until we arrived at the facilities.

The main parts of the complex are seated a couple of miles back in the woods, far away from any noisy highways or cities. As you drive down the road past the entrance off HWY 76, the first things you see are horses, the start of a golf course, and a ton of naturally dense forest. In fact, the forest is so dense that you literally do not know that you have arrived at the check in building until you are right up on it.

As you walk in the main entrance, the first thing that greets you is a huge lobby area with many couches and chairs surrounding a massive fireplace in the center of the room. The fireplace was certainly a hit with guests because every time we walked through the lobby there were many people enjoying the atmosphere. The ambiance of the lobby is also enhanced to have a woodsy feel which identically matches the surroundings of the facility.

Off of the lobby is easy access to the hotel type suites, restaurant, bar and exits to a stone walled balcony that has a breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For weddings there are 4 versatile facilities in which you can hold your ceremony and/or reception. We had the honor of filming a ceremony at the Waterfall Lawn and a reception at the Sunset Pavilion. In addition to these two areas they also have the Grand Ballroom and Creekside Pavilion.

The Waterfall Lawn is a grassy lawn area that had a jaw dropping overlook of the mountains as its backdrop. It gets its name from the carefully placed waterfall and fountains that surround the lawn. Although artificial you can see the attention to detail that Brasstown valley put into the creation of the waterfall/stream and it certainly adds to the ambiance of the area.

The Sunset Pavilion had an exquisite view of a portion of the golf course and behind that was the Blue Ridge Mountains. The pavilion itself reminded me of an upscale picnic lodge. It is open air (with the ability to draw ornate fabric curtains for some shield from the elements) with a stone walled fireplace at one and a cooking area at the other.

Marianna and I have filmed at many awesome locations but I can honestly say that not too many come close to the natural, peaceful offerings that Brasstown Valley has.

If you are looking for an exquisite place to hold your wedding that has many outdoor and indoor options to meet your specific needs then you would do yourself a huge favor by considering Brasstown Valley.

We also stayed at Brasstown the night of the wedding and it is a great place to stay. So even if you are not necessarily interested in their wedding offerings but are looking for a peaceful vacation spot in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains you would certainly not be disappointed with what what you will find there.

Here is a Brasstown Valley wedding video we produced:

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