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Picture of the Carolina Girl at night.

     Have you ever been frightened by the unknown??? I know your probably thinking… Well isn’t this a heck of a way to start out a review of a Charleston Wedding Venue!! STAY WITH ME! LOL

     The first time we found out that we would be filming on the Carolina Girl we honestly were frightened. Frightened at the thought of having to film live moments on a constantly moving and possibly somewhat restricted space of a boat. Frightened by the unknown of weather and wind and all of the elemental issues that could cause problems for us. We did our research and planned ahead but little did we know that our fears would turn into one of the most enjoyable wedding “experiences” we have ever had the opportunity of being a part of.

     As soon as we arrived at the dock and began loading our gear onto the boat and we were happy to see that the size of the boat was very large which immediately eased some of our fears. The second thing that was immediately noticeable was that the entire crew was incredibly accommodating to us and also the the guest that had arrived early.

     Once the guest had arrived and we departed it was immediately noticeable that this is one of the most unique Charleston wedding venues that we had been to. The view from the water is outstanding and even though the middle of November and slightly brisk it certainly did not keep anyone from being outside and enjoying every moment of the trip.

     Cruising by harbors, under the Ravenel bridge, by the dock where the carnival boats depart from and other historic Charleston landmarks are only a few of the things you get to look forward to on your “Cruise”.

     The first wedding we filmed on the Carolina Girl was actually the entire wedding, ceremony and reception, and I must say that despite our initial fears everything went off without a hitch. The planners helped seamlessly flow all events just as if it was held at any other Charleston wedding and reception venue and the DJ on the boat pumped out music and kept everyone dancing and having a good time for the reception.

     So I say all of that to say this…. If you have fears about having your wedding on the Carolina Girl… ERASE THEM, go see the available space and if it will accommodate all of your guest book them and get ready for an awesome time!!!


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