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     As you are planning your Charleston Wedding you are literally going to be overwhelmed with a variety of awesome wedding venues. Plantation homes, property, rental homes, churches, standalone reception venues, wedding yachts. Your choice not only going to be complicated by the shear number of wedding venue choices but also because all of your choices will be extremely nice which will make it hard to settle on your perfect Charleston wedding venue… Sorry.. That’s just how Charleston is!! 🙂

     What if your venue choice was about to get drastically narrowed down. What if I could tell you about a property that I could almost guarantee you couldn’t walk away from KNOWING that this is the perfect place for your Charleston wedding.

     That place is Runnymede Plantation!

     Im gonna have to go ahead and insert our disclaimer right here because the review below is so glowing that you are honestly going to be wondering if we are salespeople or affiliated with Runnymede plantation.. SO.. here goes…

This is an independent review of Charleston Wedding Plantation Venue, Runnymede Plantation. We are in no way associated with Runnymede Plantation and are unable to provide any information in regards to price, booking and/or the best directions to get to the venue. Please click the link at the bottom of this review to be directed to the Runnymede Plantation Events website.

     Lets get started… Runnymede Plantation quite simply is the single most amazing piece of property that we have ever had the honor of stepping onto and being that we cover different high end weddings every weekend that is saying something huge.

     When you pull in you are greeted by a very simple what looks like standard road sign and in all honesty the entrance is fairly easy to miss so if you end up using the plantation make sure to figure out a unique way to mark the entrance for your wedding. After you enter you drive down a 1/4 or so mile dirt road that leads you to a beautiful and spacious field.

     In the middle of this wide open and meticulously landscaped field is an unbelievably large old oak tree. According to experts this tree could be over 1,000 years old and I could easily believe that. Its branches drape down and touch the ground in many places and provide a unique setting for great photos and video.

     Beyond the field are ruins from where an old plantation home used to stand and another field that runs adjacent to the Ashley River. As you look across the Ashley river you see absolutely nothing but the wonderful river and beautiful marshland.

     If I had to pick one word to accurately describe the entire area that word would be serenity. The grandeur of the property is cemented in by the peaceful atmosphere that you literally overcome by as you are there. In the 8 hour time span that we were on the property the only thing beyond the wedding festivities that broke the silence was a single time when two jet skiers passed by on the Ashley river.

     Being a huge property there are literally no space concerns. You could put up tents, chairs and whatever else you wanted to literally accommodate thousands of people .

     Ok… So there must be some negatives.. Well… Not really…. In today’s wedding world you have the ability to rent tents that are in some cases nicer than actual wedding venues so if you are worried about weather you can arrange to be “covered”. If you are working with a planner or some type of professional wedding day assistant they should also be able to point you in the right direction to have everything that you and your guest would need as you are enjoying the property on your wedding day. (caterers, bathrooms, dance floors, etc.).

     Check out the video that we produced from a wedding at Runnymede Plantation and you will be hooked!! Please do yourself a huge favor, though, and go see the property in person. While the video gives a great sense of what to expect actually experiencing it is truly an experience and something that would not soon be forgotten.