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Charleston Wedding

Charleston South Carolina

A glimpse of downtown Charleston's unique architecture

       You may not know this, but Charleston continually ranks in the top 5 places to have a wedding and in the past we have heard of 300+ weddings being held there in a single weekend so that fact certainly supports this ranking.

       Being from South Carolina the southern charm and aged but meticulously maintained architectural beauty of Charleston is nothing new to us. In fact, my aunt built her home keeping many of the colors and architecture of Charleston in mind and when it was finally completed she hung pictures of Charleston all over her house. So from a very young age not only did I get to personally experience Charleston but I got maximum exposure to what was offered there even when we were not there in person.

       Despite this exposure I still am floored every time we visit the area, which is quite often. Old plantation homes, beautiful properties, luxury resorts, charming inns, beaches, yacht tours and more make Charleston an interesting and wonderful place for anyone to visit. If you are planning on having your wedding in Charleston then you are guaranteed to find a ton of wonderful and, unique options that will allow you to make your wedding the most beautiful and personalized event ever.


       As you plan your Charleston Wedding make sure to not forget about wedding video. Modern wedding video is a completely different art form than what was offered even only a few years back. A video of your Charleston wedding can be fun, emotional and entertaining even for people that do not know you. For people that do know you a quality video can gaurantee that the liveliness and emotions of your wedding continue on way after your wedding day. Check out the below video we did back in 2011 of a wedding at Legare Waring House in Charleston, SC. This video still gets even us choked up every time we watch even though we’ve seen literally 100’s of times.


       With that huge variety of options/vendors in Charleston, hiring a wedding planner is almost a must. We have worked with many different planning companies in the Charleston area and in all honesty they are all great, but my purpose here is to not keep your head spinning so I am only going to provide two company names.

Duvall Catering
       Duvall is a full service catering and planning company and they are absolutely fantastic. The people in charge are wonderful to work with and each event that we have seen them handle no matter if it’s mild or wild has been executed with the utmost precision.

A Charleston Bride
       We have worked with A Charleston Bride many times and they always do a fantastic job. In fact some of the most lavish Charleston weddings we have been a part of have been designed and executed by the “A Charleston Bride” team.

       Hiring a planner for your Charleston wedding will be one of the better decisions you make, we promise. If budget is an issue ask yourself is downgrading from a $X000 cake to a more subtle cupcake tree is worth you being able to enjoy your wedding day as well as the planning experience.

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