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Charleston wedding video | South Carolina

      Are you looking for a wedding videographer in Charleston that will film and edit a unique and personalized video for your wedding? Do you want a wedding video that you will treasure and be excited to show family and friends?

We can do that!

      While technically not located in Charleston we frequently travel to Charleston and surrounding areas to film weddings. In fact, we travel there so much, that in most cases we waive or significantly reduce the travel fees that we may normally charge due to the distance that Charleston is from our home.

Are you familiar with the Charleston area and/or specifically my wedding venues that I have selected?

      As said above, we have worked all over Charleston filming weddings for many years. Because of this, no matter if you have chosen a beautiful Charleston Plantation or one of the historic downtown churches we are more than likely familiar with your wedding venue(s). If not though, we pride ourselves in our strong ability to adapt to the unique circumstances of each wedding / event.

      Anytime that we are unfamiliar with a city and/or venue we make sure to arrive early enough to capture a feel for how the wedding will be setup, and what will be needed for navigation between all of the places we will be filming with the couple. Doing this along with our (Marianna and Jamie – about us) combined familiarity with weddings as well as working with each other time and time again gives us a huge advantage over most other wedding videographers that service the Charleston area.

      Take a look at the close up’s and angles that we capture in comparison to some other Charleston videographers wedding videos. When comparing, I guarantee that the shots you see in our video will make you feel more drawn into and like you were a part of the action of the day.
After doing that comparison, then imagine that all the details you saw, your fiance, friends, and the words you’re heard in those videos were replaced with your own. Would you be happy? If so, we can guarantee that your video will be just as good or better.

Gauranteed quality

      We have 100’s of wedding videos on our website and if you compared them in a chronological order starting from the oldest to the newest you would see time and time again a solid consistency in quality as well as a uniqueness to each video that perfectly represent that couple and their wedding. While consistent we are also always looking for unique and creative ways to make our coverage even better. This will also be clearly evident while comparing those videos. With each newer video there is some subtle growing level of creativity. This drive to constantly be different and better constantly grows our skills to further adapt and provide more thorough coverage to each unique wedding.

What is the cost of a wedding video in Charelston?

      Since you are getting married in Charleston and looking for a videographer you can click the following text and limit our website to only show wedding videos from Charleston. Once you have decided that you want more info about our services, just send us a quick note via our contact us page and we will quickly verify our availability and also send you our unique packaging system that allows you to custom build a Charleston wedding video package perfectly suited for your wedding.