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Fully Edited Wedding Video Segments | Laura Bryant and Josh Clark

     The following wedding video segments were pulled directly from Laura Bryant and Josh Clark’s fully edited wedding video included in their Close to a Movie Package. They received a ton more footage than what is shown below as well as one of our signature wedding trailers.
     Click here to see Laura and Josh’s Cliffs at Glassy wedding trailer.

Laura and Josh needed to speak for a moment before the wedding but didn’t want to see each other so they quickly came up with the idea of standing back to back…. Very cute and their interaction was really funny!! They were getting ready at the Cliffs at Glassy Clubhouse just down the road from the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel.

Laura and Josh’s Introduction to the reception + first dance + their practice first dance! Right before Laura and Josh walked into the reception they stopped to practice their first dance moves!! VERY CUTE AND FUNNY!!! Their reception was held at the Cliffs Valley Clubhouse.

Laura and Josh’s entire wedding ceremony which was held at the Chapel at Gliffs at Glassy.