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Robert Mills House Wedding Venue

Columbia Wedding Venue | Robert Mills House

     The Robert Mills house is a part of the historic district in Columbia and is an awesome place to hold weddings.

     I am unsure of this but if I had to guess I would say that the interior of the Robert Mills house is more than likely unavailable for weddings and when you rent the facility you are actually renting the grounds. Again.. Don’t quote me on that but even if it is the case this Columbia Wedding Venue is so versatile that you honestly don’t have to worry about that.

     The Robert mills house is surrounded by spacious yard’s, gardens and even a useable carriage house that could easily serve as a covered place to setup buffet lines and house some seating areas for guest. With these spacious outdoor areas you could setup a awesome tent or two and have a beautiful wedding and reception venue all encompassed on the awesome grounds of the Robert Mill’s house.

     The rear of the Robert Mills House actually looks like the front of most historic homes with a large staircase leading up to spacious balcony and rear entrance. As shown in the wedding video below this area could be setup as a beautiful ceremony location with the backdrop being this awesome historic Columbia home.

     The garden area on the grounds has a large elevated brick patio area that could be setup as a ceremony location granted you did not need a huge amount of seating area.

     Driving by the Robert Mills house will allow you to see some of the beauty but you honestly don’t get a accurate feel for it’s expansive and awesome grounds until you take a tour of the property.

     If you are getting married in Columbia and want a different venue for your wedding, definitely put the Robert Mills house on your short list of wedding venues to consider.


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