Wedding Video Ratings

Frequently asked questions

Some of your camera angles look like you are right in the middle of things. How does that work?
       We understand the importance of your wedding and in no way want to be a disruption to ANY part of your day!
       Many of our cameras posses the capability to zoom in an incredible amount and we use every bit of this capability. If you see a shot that looks like we are two inches away from the couple, we are in actuality 20 – 30+ feet away.
       Being as inconspicuous as possible, while getting awesome stuff for you and your fiancé is always one of our highest priorities!

Will I need to be concerned with acting or doing anything that may be unnatural?
       NOT AT ALL!
       Our experience has given us the foresight needed to capture 100% real moments in a way that looks very movie like. On your wedding day, we literally will be a fly on the wall, capturing what really happens with very little to no direction.

I love your trailers, but is this all I get?
       While we enjoy creating very cool, mind blowing trailers and artistic wedding films (should you select these options) , we consider our primary job to be providing a quality video that accurately documents all events that happen during your coverage time.
       All of our wedding video packages include a fully edited, more traditional style (documentary) wedding video that will show the moments from your coverage time in a way that is almost identical to how those moments will happen on your wedding day.

Will my documentary style video have music/polishing/editing, or is it just cleaned up raw footage that you shoot on the wedding day?
       Our documentary videos are a highly polished, fully edited documentation of your wedding day that on average takes 2 weeks to complete.
       The ceremony and more formal events (first dance, toast, etc) that you will want to see in their entirety will be edited between all of our camera angles (up to 7). This edit will show these events in a way that is mostly identical to how they will happen and will include music that was played during these parts of the day.
       If you select to have preparations / getting ready moments covered these will be edited in more of a montage style (a condensed, entertaining edit that showcases the primary highlights of this moment in a way that is similar to but may not be exactly how it happened ). The preparations edit will also include music added underneath to increase the ambiance of the getting ready montage.
       Subtle music may also be added to other part of the video if we feel that it increases the ambiance/entertainment factor of that particular section.

I’ve seen some videographers say that they use 2/3 cameras, how many do you use?
       We use up to 7.
       For a typical ceremony we only use 5 but when additional angles can be used inconspicuously and make a positive impact on the end product we will not think twice about using them. While 5-7 seems like a lot, the positioning of each angle is thoroughly maximized so as to get a unique/different shot, while remaining as inconspicuous as possible.
       For other moments on your wedding day we will use whatever is needed to give us the most coverage of that particular moment without being intrusive. During preparations, Marianna typically films the girls with a single camera, while Jamie films with the guys in the same fashion. For other important moments (first dance, toast, etc.) we will tag team those events to ensure you have the most unique and thorough coverage of these special and unrepeatable moments.
       In regards to recording we also use many different audio sources to create pristine audio recording. Our policy is that a great visual video is not great at all if the audio is horrible and considering this we frequently use up to 10 different wireless audio recording devices strategically placed for capturing the best audio possible.

All I really want is the trailer. Do you offer that?
       It honestly doesn’t work that way!
       While filming a wedding, we never have a pre conceived notion as to what we will capture or how the trailer (if included in your personalized video package) will be edited. Because of this, we film absolutely everything we can so we are insured tons of great content to work.
       Even if all you wanted was the trailer that would not change one thing about the amount of effort we put into filming your wedding or the amount of time we would need to film on your wedding day.
       MOST IMPORTANTLY, the trailer is just a quick recap of your day. While it definitely gives you and everyone else that watches a strong feeling of the love you share and even shows many of the high points of your wedding, it ultimately does not show every moment that would be meaningful to have years down the road.

I’ve heard that “a wedding video is a waste of money” but the videos I’ve seen on your site have me wondering how this statement can be true.
       Can this be true? OH YEAH!!!!
       Is it true all the time? NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
       This statement boils down to the old saying of “are you comparing apples to oranges?”.
       All videographers are not the same and the unfortunate truth is that there are some that may not even be worth the “cheap” price that they charge.
       The comments posted on our website and Facebook Fan Page as well as reports we constantly hear from previous clients says the exact opposite of this statement! In fact, we frequently hear from couples we have worked with that their wedding video was the best money spent on the wedding!

I want a video just to have, but it certainly isn’t a priority!
       If this is the case then we are more than likely not the right videographer for your wedding.
       We deeply care about each of our clients and the product that we provide to them. That being said we put tons of time, effort, skill, and equipment into each wedding we cover and with that exponential effort comes a price tag that is typically higher than your run of the mill wedding video company.

Do you travel?
       We frequently film weddings all over Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina and have a very lenient travel policy for these states. In fact, our policy is so lenient that in some cities, such as Charleston, we frequently discount or even eliminate travel fees when filming weddings their. If your wedding is outside of these three states we still would be very honored if your chose us to document your wedding day. When contacting us make sure to put in the location (city, state) of your wedding and we will send info about travel fees (if applicable) when we respond to you.

Do you have a question that was not answered?
       Contact us and we will be happy to call or email you with more information.

Want more info about our services?
       Instead of your typical packages like offered with most wedding video companies we actually have a unique system that allows you to custom create a video package perfectly suited for your wedding. Contact us today and we will be happy to send you our package building worksheet so you can start creating the perfect package for your wedding.