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Fully Edited Wedding Video Clips – Ginny & Kenn

The following short segments are pulled directly from Ginny and Kenn Jameson’s fully edited wedding video. Ginny and Kenn will also be getting all of their wedding footage re-edited into one of our signature wedding movies so stay tuned to the blog as we will post it as soon as it is ready.

If you haven’t already checked out Ginny & Kenn’s wedding trailer make sure to do so!

Ginny and Kenn’s Vows Segment


Ginny and Kenn’s First Dance


Ginny’s Honeymoon Rap
Back-story to this clip – Kenn never told Ginny where they were going on their honeymoon. Even as they were leaving and being prodded by everyone to find out he didn’t budge. In the middle of the reception Ginny got pulled up on stage and busted out this rap for everyone…. FUNNY STUFF!!!!