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High Definition South Carolina Wedding Videos

Absolute Productions and Media is now filming all event exclusively in the High Definition format.

You can still expect the same great editing and movielike feel that everyone is used to seeing from us with the exception of the visuals being much clearer and more colorful. We are excited about this new technology and feel confident that everyone will see the difference that it makes in the final production.

Each clip that is hosted on our blog from here on out should be in the High Definition format. If it is, in fact, a high definition video you will see a link that says “CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO IN HIGH DEFINITION” right below the video clip that is displayed on our blog. When you select that link you will be directed over to another website named VIMEO and can watch the same video in high definition format.

When changing over to High Definition it required many changes to our business model and how it effected the way we not only deliver our videos on DVD or Blu-Ray disc but also how it effected the way we showed online clips. VIMEO allowed a way to make this transition easy for us without much overhead or added time to the process.

If you have any questions or have problems viewing our High Definition Wedding Videos please give contact us so we can help make sure you can see all of our work.

James & Marianna Player