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The Lighthouse on Hilton Head

The Lighthouse on Hilton Head

        Hilton Head Island is one of those areas that no matter where you go you are always thinking “Wow, this is beautiful”. Of course that beauty would naturally translate to any wedding that is held on or near the island.

        No matter if you are looking to have a beach, resort, marsh or fairly normal church wedding you are going to find that the Hilton Head area could easily accommodate you. The only unfortunate thing about a Hilton Head wedding is that many of the areas vendors must be found on a case by case basis.

        With many of Hilton Head’s weddings being “destination” weddings (a wedding where most everyone involved is not from the area) this can make planning your Hilton Head wedding a little bit more difficult.

Thank goodness for planners!!

        There are a few planners located on and around the Island but from our experience the most prominent one is Amanda Rose Weddings. We have worked with Amanda Rose quite a few times and no matter if you are going for more simple or something completely spectacular they can take care of you and help orchestrate all of those difficult to find vendors into the wedding of your dreams.

        As you plan your big day make sure that you are also not forgetting about your Hilton Head Wedding Video…. I know, you are probably thinking, “VIDEO??? Ill never watch it!!!!”, but I would beg to differ! Sure I may be biased but I am basing this statement purely off of comments that we have heard from other brides and grooms we have worked with not only from Hilton Head but also from Charleston, Columbia and all over South Carolina.

        Quality video is a extremely difficult job and takes careful attention and hard work from the moment the videographer starts filming till all the editing is done and the video is produced. So why do people have this thought that they will never watch it?? Quite simple really… There are not many Hilton Head videographers that are willing to put the necessary work into a wedding to make it something that you will cherish for years to come.


        Marianna and I have directly experienced what it is like to have a crappy video that we never watch. Because of that experience (read our About Us Page), we put our all into every wedding that we film. This targeted focus insures that your Hilton Head wedding video will be something that you will cherish even more than your Hilton Head wedding photographs.. :-0 Yup.. I just went there and guess what, everyday American activities fully support this statement.

        When you get home from work do you go pick up a picture book and flip through it? No, you turn on the TV and watch “video”. Why? Because, video is the absolute best storytelling medium that we have available to us and the same thing applies to weddings. A quality wedding video will always tell the complete story, way better than still photos.
        Is seeing a smiling expression still photo of your friend the same thing as seeing and hearing your friend tell a funny story that you experienced together? NO
        Is seeing a tear run down your dad’s face the same as seeing a tear run down his face as he is describing the day you were born? NO

        While the examples could continue indefinitely i’ll simply make the recommendation for you to take a few minutes and watch some of our Hilton Head wedding videos. I know without a shadow of a doubt that you will agree that a quality Hilton Head wedding video will be the most precious keepsake that you walk away from your wedding with!

My Hilton Head wedding video.

        If you spend a few minutes on our site you will see that we are actually not located in Hilton Head but we do travel all over South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina to produce wedding videos. If you are getting married in Hilton Head and would like for us to cover your wedding we will be more than happy to, however please know that there may be a small travel fee. In the past travel fees for Hilton Head weddings have ranged from $150 – $350 depending on how many days we are required to be in the area. We would love to talk to you about your special day, so please call and we can arrange to provide you a unique wedding video for your Hilton Head wedding.

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