Legare Waring House | Charleston Wedding Venue

Legare Waring House | Charleston Wedding Venue

Charleston Wedding Venue | Legare Waring House

Legare Waring House Weddings


     One of our favorite places to film is at the Legare Waring House. The beautiful property and home make for a very versatile and awesome wedding venue in the Charleston area.

     When we say versatility the venue provides some of the most magnificent natural beauty that can be found in Charleston. The avenue of Oaks that is only a stones throw from the back of the house provides a very unique location to hold wedding ceremonies. Most of the ceremonies that we have seen at the Legare Waring house have been held in the avenue of Oaks, however because of the versatility of the venue you do have other options. There is the patio area right outside the back of the house that would prove to be a lovely ceremony spot or you could even use the front or side lawns of the house that are adjacent to a very tranquil pond. One thing that I could guarantee is that no matter how you choose to setup your wedding at Legare Waring House it will be awesome.

     The house, while not spacious enough to solely contain large wedding receptions, does offer an air conditioned/heated area for your getting ready preparations and can also be utilized for buffet lines or general gathering areas for your guest.

     One of the most typical reception setups that we have seen at Legare waring house is to put a tent over the back patio area and let that area serve as the main reception hall. This setup is awesome as it allows easy access to the house yet provides an awesome view of the up-lit avenue of oaks after the sun has gone down.

     Again, all of the typical setups that we have seen can be tweaked according to your specific event and because of the beauty and layout of the property you literally will not be disappointed no matter how you determine to set it up.