Wedding Video Ratings

Debunking the “I’ll never watch it” myth.

       When talking to people about wedding video, something we hear a lot of is, “I’ll never watch it”. Over the past year though, it has been so incredibly neat to see hard evidence that completely debunks this myth.

       Each time we post a video it is very typical for that video to have 300 – 500 views within the first week of being posted. This in and of itself is strong evidence that the “I’ll never watch it” myth is false, but there have been a few videos that have had way more views than that.


       This past week we had our third video from 2011 reach over 1000 views in one week. One of our videos from a wedding at the Lace House back in May 2011 is a few days shy of having over 9,000 views.

Pretty cool!!!

The most recent video to reach over 1000 views in one week is Chelsie and Grant’s Wedding Trailer.

Back in September, Erica and Daniel’s Wedding Trailer absolutely blew up and had well over 1000 in a week, with almost 600 of those views coming in a single day.

In July, Jacinda and Aaron, who got married at the Millstone at Adams pond, had over 1000 views for their video in one week.

Sarah and Seth’s trailer didn’t quite reach 1000 in a week but they have had consistently high views since their wedding and as of right now they are probably only a few days from reaching 9,000 total views (8,913 as of this post).

Keep on watching everyone!!