Wedding Video Ratings

Ratings Contest – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Ratings Contest
QWhat are the contest time frames?
AWe have three contests a year and they run for the following periods:
           December 1 – March 31
           April 1 – July 31
           August 1 – November 30

QIs there a way that I can keep up with my status during the contest?
AThere is a good indicator on every page of our website. On the right side you will see an area that has “Wedding Video Ratings”. This box monitors the previous three months worth of ratings and is a good indication of who the winner may be. However, this box does not monitor the actual contest times, Facebook likes/shares, tweets, or comments so there may be some times when the results listed in that box are inaccurate.

QMy friends and family have commented all over my and other peoples Facebook pages/wall. Do these comments count?
ADue to Facebook restrictions we are unable to effectively count comments posted about the video on Facebook, so they will not be counted. However we do have an effective way of counting likes and shares and those will be counted. If you would like for the comments you receive on Facebook to be counted toward the contest you may want to ask your friends to post the comments on our website instead.

QI chose a package that includes a trailer, and am also getting a Save the Date Video. Since this is two videos, could I be eligible for two contest?
AABSOLUTELY!! As long as each video is posted during different contest time frames you would be eligible twice.

QI chose a more basic package that does not include a trailer and I am also not getting a Save the Date Video. Am I eligible for the contest?
AUnfortunately, not. Our contest is only eligible for Trailers and Save the Date videos, however if you decide you would like to upgrade to a package that includes a trailer or if you would like to create a Save the Date video please let us know as doing these things would make you eligible.

QMy video was posted two days before a contest ended. That doesn’t seem fair.
AActually, this will never happen! 🙂 We will always give each video posted at least a two week window to be in the contest. If for some reason your video is ready to be posted but there is less than two weeks left in the contest, your video will be included in the next contest time frame.

QCan I get my friends to vote multiple times, increasing my odds?
AActually, there is some validation for each vote which will block individuals who have voted previously from voting again. In some cases this validation can be bypassed but we do ask that everyone play as fairly as possible. In the instance of comments there is also some validation based on email address, name, and computer information. Multiple comments made by the same person/computer will be counted as a single comment.

QI have a question about the contest that was not answered! 🙁
ANo problem! Call or email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


        Our ratings contest is held purley for the enjoyment of our couples and has never been a contractual inclusion in any of our packages. Because of this, the contest may be cancelled at anytime.