Sacred Heart Cultural Center | Augusta, GA wedding venue

Sacred Heart Exterior Image

Sacred Heart | Augusta Wedding Venue | Interior Picture

Sacred Heart Interior Picture

Sacred Heart | Augusta wedding venue | Interior Picture

When we first heard of the Sacred Heart Cultural Center I must be honest that my enthusiasm for working there was rather low. Why you may ask??? Well, just like everything in life, there is a huge variety of options in wedding venues. Some are jaw dropping spectacular places and others just barely serve the purpose for holding a wedding ceremony.

As we did research on the facility my enthusiasm grew but I honestly did not know what a treat we were in for until I stepped foot out of our car in the parking lot of the Sacred Heart Cultural Center.

Staring at me across the street was an absolutely magnificent facility that rivaled one of the nicest looking churches in Charleston where we have worked in the past, The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.   Planted right in the middle of downtown Augusta, the center is surrounded by trees and beautiful shrubbery that make it literally feel like a world of its own when you are standing close to it.

The outside is clean, ornate, colorful, insert your favorite descriptive word and just jaw dropping beautiful. As we entered the main doors into the “sanctuary” that breath taking beauty 100% continued. NOW I’M GOING TO STOP HERE…

I’m assuming that you have not seen the wedding preview at the bottom of this page that we produced, so let me tell you why I am comparing this to The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and also why I called the inside of the building the “sanctuary”. Well… Quite simply… ITS AN OLD CHURCH!!

According to their website, and from talking to some of the building attendants, the church was constructed in the early 1900’s and used as a Catholic church until it shut down in 1971. It sat vacated for close to 16 years when the commitment was made to renovate and reopen the building as the Sacred Heart Cultural Center.

Ok… back on topic. The inside retains all of the beauty of the old church with some updates that have certainly enhanced things. The only thing that distinguishes this from the nicest of Catholic Cathedrals that currently hold worship is that there are no pews in the center. This allows the floor area to be set up with chairs for a ceremony, as seen in the video below, or if you decide to setup a reception or any other type of party you have a VERY LARGE area to do so!

I’m gonna give you a break from my enthusiasm about this Augusta wedding location. Make sure to check out the video below to see some of the beauty of this magnificent place and if you are getting married in Augusta, GA or planning any other type of party and want to wow your guests I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND visiting the center to see what they can do for you!!


This trailer showcases the wedding of Lauren Eldridge and Andrew Smith, you can see more about their wedding by clicking their names.