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The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist - Charleston, SC

Charleston Wedding Venue - The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

We normally don’t review to many churches but The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is different in two ways which we feel makes it “reviewable”. 🙂

The first is that this literally is the most spectacular church that we have ever filmed in and second is that they do “rent out” the facility for weddings so it really is more of a venue. So….. on to the review.

Being located in Charleston, SC naturally makes St. John the Baptist a very desirable wedding location. Not sure if you have read this, but as of a few years ago Charleston was rated in the top three destination locations to have your wedding.

Located just outside all of the hustle and bustle of King Street and the market, The Cathedral is still in the middle of the city and although surrounded by Charleston’s natural beauty the church stands out on it’s own as being a “looker”.

When walking up the steps to The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the intricate details that shape the exterior are only a glimpse as to what awaits you inside. A new addition to the exterior is a new steeple that definitely adds to it and gives you more to take in.

The interior is wide open and extremely ornate. The echo on the inside truly does match “The Cathedral” part of the name and gives you a sense of grandeur that you know you are in a magnificent place even if your eyes were closed.

With your eyes open it truly is difficult to take in all of the beauty. While a wide range of colors can be found on the interior, it is certainly not over the top or gaudy but instead adds to the beauty staring at you. Large Columns decorate the interior and appear to hold up the cathedral type ceiling. There is no balcony, except for soloist or choirs (or videographers 😉 ) but you honestly do not need additional space. If I had to guess, I would say that with every pew filled the cathedral would easily hold 500. We have had very large wedding party seem almost dwarfed by the size of the location.

In most ornate and beautiful places we have found that the attendants (on site directors) have all but been unbearable. I understand this to a certain extent as it is their job to protect the location. However, at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist we have found the exact opposite. While stern when it comes to rules and protecting the location, the on site directors are very pleasant and non-restrictive as long as you understand that the rules cannot be broken. We have worked with two directors here over 4 different times and each time we very much enjoyed the experience.


Perhaps a church setting is not your thing or you did not grow up Catholic.. That’s fine!! If you are getting married in Charleston or even just in the area for a visit I would highly recommend going by and visiting the church. Just like other historic locations in the area this is one location that would not be soon forgotten after a visit.

Here is a video that we produced from a wedding at The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Charleston, SC.



This is an independent review of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Charleston, SC and we are not affiliated with this wedding location in any way. If you have questions about the church please realize that we do not know any specifics and you would need to contact them directly.