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Lace House | Governor's Mansion | Wedding Venue

The front of The Lace House

     A wedding venue name will almost always cause a person to conjure up visions of the venue. For example, The Sacred Heart Cultural Center is an Augusta, GA wedding venue and as you read the name I guarantee that visions of an ornate and beautifully renovated Old Catholic cathedral didn’t come to mind. Well, that is exactly what that venue is.

     Obviously, our mental pictures of venues can be completely wrong but sometimes they can be spot on, so now imagine a wedding venue named The Lace House & Gardens, located on the Governor’s Mansion Complex. (Refered to as the Lace House from here on out 🙂 )

     The Lace House is one of, if not the most, versatile, beautiful, and rich with history wedding venues we have seen, and although I’m sure you painted an awesome mental picture based on the name alone, that mental picture is more than likely not going to match the reality of what is offered there!!


      The Lace House provides an abundance of beautiful outdoor spaces throughout the many gardens on the complex. Enhancing all of the gardens is a massive brick wall that surrounds the complex. This wall provides protection to the property, gives a sense of utmost serenity in the middle of downtown , and also serves as a beautiful contrast (brick red) to the greenery and flowers of the gardens.

     Enhancing the gardens even further is an abundance of old historical wrought iron, fountains, statues and other ornate structures strategically placed throughout the property.

     I could be way off on this but after a quick walkthrough of the facility I would say that you could identify upwards of 10 different locations in the gardens alone that could be setup as an awesome backdrop for your ceremony, cocktail hour and/or reception.


     The brick “driveway” which runs through the middle of the complex is known as the mall. This area provides an alternate space for holding very large groups of people and is separated from the gardens and the Governor’s mansion by long running and ornate wrought iron fences. The mall also contains a large marble fountain located in the center. These unique details create a unbelievably beautiful area that could, by itself, be configured in many different ways.


     The Lace house is a meticulously maintained three story home that, according to the lace house website has been the focal point of many important events, dating back to 1854.

     The top floor contains a few bedrooms and bathrooms that can serve as a beautiful place for you to get ready for your special day and also has an awesome balcony that spans most of the front of the house, and overlooks the mall.

     The middle story has a few large open rooms with very high ceilings and could be used for food lines, a place to store the cake and/or unique areas for your guest to socialize.

     The bottom floor is a large open floor plan and could easily serve the purpose of providing cover for most receptions and or ceremonies in the event that Mother Nature does not cooperate.


Considering all three of these available areas, you literally could configure your wedding a countless number of ways, so even if you have seen a photo, video or even been to a wedding at the Lace House, please do yourself a favor and arrange for a meeting to go back and truly evaluate how you could personalize the property for your special day!

This is an independent review of Columbia Wedding Venue, The Lace house at the Governor’s mansion. We are in no way associated with the Lace House and are unable to provide any information in regards to price, booking and/or the best directions to get to the venue. Please click the link below to be directed to the official Lace House website.