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Millstone at adams pond wedding venue

Columbia wedding venue | Millstone at adams pond at night

Have a Charleston wedding in Columbia

     Columbia certainly isn’t a city known for it’s grandeur and beautiful locations yet when it comes to weddings there are quite a few very nice wedding venue options. One specific Columbia wedding venue truly stands out as one of a kind though and almost seems misplaced. In all honesty this particular venue would seem more fitting if you could replace the word Columbia in “Columbia wedding venue” with the word Charleston…

Millstone at Adams Pond

     The Millstone at Adams Pond off of Bluff road is only a few miles from the hustle and bustle of Columbia yet even though close to the big city it feels like it’s own spectacular location and will leave you wondering if you were somehow magically transported to Charleston in just a few minutes.

     As you turn into the entrance off of Bluff road a narrow winding driveway takes you back through a beautiful avenue of trees with Moss hanging from them. As you get close to the venue the noise from the old waterfall coming off the pond gets more noticeable and although somewhat loud the waterfall is very soothing and adds a lot of ambiance to the venue.

     The inside of the venue is beautiful and matches the feel of the entire location perfectly. It is spacious and has plenty of room to house most wedding guest list. If your guest list is going to be extremely large and perhaps push the comfortable limit for the house and porches this is not a problem. You can have a tent setup in the rear of the house and this provides plenty of protection for more guest. I honestly could not imagine a guest list that could not be accommodated by the house, porches and a single tent. If you are blessed with a Sunny day then space absolutely could not be an issue. There are so many things to experience at Adams pond that I guarantee most of your guest will be venturing out to see areas of the property and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds the venue.

     There are two popular places for ceremonies on the premise but the location is so versatile that I am sure you could configure a ceremony in an alternate location if you are wanting to be unique. The first popular place for a ceremony is an area immediately out back of the house. This large open area overlooks the natural woods and creek out behind the venue and serves as a great ceremony spot. The other popular location is out front overlooking the pond with the house as a backdrop. I’ve also heard of a field area on the property that could be utilized for ceremonies but I personally have not heard of anyone using this area and I may even be wrong about this as I heard this a few years back from a bride we worked with at Adam’s Pond.

     While I hate to pull out the favorites card as there truly are many nice Columbia wedding venues, I just honestly cannot deny the fact that The Millstone at Adams Pond is my personal favorite wedding spot in Columbia.

     Check out the video below… As you will see, it was raining on Matt and Ella’s wedding day but even with the rain the beauty of the venue absolutely shined through and we did everything we could to include the rain while still showcasing this awesome Columbia wedding venue.



     This is an independent review of the Millstone at Adams Pond in Columbia, SC and we are not affiliated with this wedding location in any way. If you have questions about this wedding venue please realize that we do not know any specifics and you would need to contact them directly.